If I like dressing up MY BODY , If I like doing makeup on MY FACE ,why am I called a bimbo ?

So what do you do?”

I’m a doctor.”

That’s it , no hobbies-shobbies?”

I write about makeup.”

Oh. I thought you were intelligent. You’re just a bimbo!”

And I’m like…

angry looking cat bimbo B For Bimbo?

In 1920 , when composer Frank Crummit recorded “My Little Bimbo Down on the Bamboo Isle“,in which the term “bimbo” is used to describe an island girl of questionable virtue,little did he gauge the typical sexism which was now going to stem from the word “bimbo”. Over the years the term bimbo has been used as a derogatory term for an airheaded female obsessed with hair and makeup. The 1929 silent film Desert Nights describes a wealthy femalecrook as a bimbo and in The Broadway Melody, an angryBessie Love calls a chorus girl a bimbo. The first use of its female meaning in the Oxford English Dictionary was in 1929, from the scholarly journal American Speech where the definition was given simply as “a woman”.

bimbo summit britney spears B For Bimbo?

Wikipedia defines a bimbo as the stereotypical bimbo appearance of an attractive woman, often blonde and with a curvaceous figure and large breasts, possibly wearing heavy makeup and revealing clothing indicating that physical attractiveness is more important to them than other, non-physical trail

I was one of those girls who cheered when Miranda Preistley , the ultimate femme fatale magazine editor from the movie” The Devil wears Prada” is asked about the shallowness of fashion elucidates very sassily the importance of fashion , the art behind fashion and the way fashion influences daily life . So why is it that we associate fashion with being unintelligent ? It takes brains for art and fashion is the biggest art . It is not the world of bimbos .Vogue,Cosmpolitan,Harper’s Bazaar to name a few are multi million empires crafted around feminity . So why is a stereotypical female a bimbo

young anna B For Bimbo?

 Anna Wintour, editor American Vogue , net worth 35 million $ , featured on Wall Street Journal Magazine . Business Mogul with a fashion wit strong enough to destroy clothing empires. A Bimbo ???

We talk about the clothes of a girl not defining sexual availability , I would love to extrapolate a girl’s appearance as not an indicator of her intelligence . The sexuality of a female is so powerful that the term “bimbo” implies weakening the power of a female by associating it with “stupidity” 

What is it about the powerful female that is so threatening to mankind that she is immediately made into the dumb sex object therefore a bimbo ? Let’s take the example of Deepika Padukone and her recent fiasco with a national daily . She’s one of the most powerful actresses we have in the country today . Yet we have to de-humanize her even to suit popular taste . The mind is not beautiful enough , the body is the only thing on her ?

deepika padukone B For Bimbo?

How convenient !!

The first image we have of a fashionable girl lets call her in this wrong parlance a bimbo, is Veronica Hodge from the popular comic Archies . She is rich,powerful,fashionable but to negate that she’s shown to be dumb and airheaded and therefore a bimbo . It’s an epitome of masculine ego that even a children’s comic is filled with shallow sexism. Sadly , our teens were spent being encouraged to not be Veronica but to be Betty, the “simple” girl.

amal alamuddin looks lovely in london 3 copy B For Bimbo?

Amal Alamuddin – Wife of George Clooney

The term Bimbo is a societal hindrance , a shackle on feminity . Over  the years the classical image of the “Bimbo” has now permeated to common everyday life slang . Women are judged and often divided into the intelligent hardworking “Plain Jain” and the dumb “bimbos”. But is this segregation a new form of sexual discrimination ?

You have to choose girl !! 

Hina Rabbani Khar 12 B For Bimbo?

Hina Rabbani Khar : Former Pakistani foreign minister , the first female and youngest foreign minister in the country’s history, loves her birkin .

As we grow up in school , us girls are separated into two types the supposedly intellectually gifted and the pretty ones . It’s heartbreaking almost the extent to which girls are encouraged to give up on their feminity in order to be “proper”. I had a classmate of mine, let’s call her Meera . The girl used to be top of the class in the everything however she was never deemed smart enough to get her eyebrows done . Why ? ” My daddy says only bad girls do that ” said Meera proudly .

And that’s what we’re taught right ? To be smart you need to give up on your feminity .   

During medical school when we used to give our practical exam we were always encouraged to wear chappals , loose salwaar kameez and even spectacles even if not required. The subliminal message, if you look dressed up,you’re a bimbo and not a good doctor. Hence proved.

indira gandhi B For Bimbo?

What does the term professional modest clothing even mean ? Why are only females supposed to be modest ? If you look at what is supposedly “professional clothing ” , the major purpose of it is to hide feminine curves . A female body is supposed to look like a boy in order to be taken seriously . It’s e-“masculation” for females . I love Indira Gandhi and her fashion sense. Crisp linen sarees , the most feminine of dresses,that classiest hairdo ever with the right spunk. No one could dare not take her seriously. But hold on.. she was fashionable but then was she a bimbo ?

 I’m not saying that there’s a set definition of what is a girl and what is not a girl. It’s only when woman are subjugated to societal norms and derogatory sexist terms like bimbo,slut,whore,bitch is where my problem starts. Calling a female ugly is as bad as calling a girl plastic.

Aishwarya Rai : Most powerful Bollywood Star in Hollywood : Victim of being “Plastic”

aishwarya rai wallpaper bimbo B For Bimbo?

As a female I should be allowed to do whatever I want with my body. I may primp it,dress it or even mutilate it ,that’s all my business. If I like dressing up MY BODY , If I like doing makeup on MY FACE,why am I called a bimbo?

We can never be true feminists till we get the right to be ourselves .

Don’t judge, let a girl breathe.

Enough of this segregation, ban the term “Bimbo”

By: Bhavna Sharma

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