Samrat Bindusar is helping Ashoka against Rajkumar Sushim in Ashoka serial – Did that really happen?

In the serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, it is seen that Samrat Bindusar is helping Ashoka against Rajkumar Sushim. The two have tied up to expose Sushim as they now know he has ulterior motives against Magadh.

It is strange to see how a father is helping one son against his other sons. Had it been a reality we could have accepted and digested it, but this seems to be an imagination of writers as nothing of it matches with history.

Bindusara Never Aided Ashoka against Rajkumar Sushim

The rivalry between the brothers was their own affair. Never did Samrat Bindusar interfere in their plan nor did he instigate one brother against the other. There is no document in history or texts that highlight anything related to this. In fact, if he had help Ashoka against Sushim, we would have sources and evidence of them.

Ankit Arora Sushim Did Bindusar Really Help Ashoka Against Rajkumar Sushim?

On the contrary, according to the available source, Bindusar wasn’t fond of Ashoka but of Sushim. However, he neither helped Sushim against Ashoka nor vice versa. So, whatever the show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial is showing is a figment of imagination from the writers.

Ashoka Warred Against His Brothers after the Death of His Father

The war for succession didn’t take place in the presence of Samrat Bindusar after post his death. After he died, almost three years Ashoka fought against his brothers and ultimately became victorious with the help of his ministers. Acharaya Radhagupt played an important role in making him the heir of the Mauryan Empire.

ashoka serial Did Bindusar Really Help Ashoka Against Rajkumar Sushim?

He just spared his own brother Vitashoka and killed all his brothers including Sushim. While, it is not known how he killed his others brothers, the description of Ashoka killing Sushim is available. As per the texts, Ashoka killed Sushim by making him fall in a pit of burning coal. Yes, the death of Sushim was very brutal. But this incident occurred after Bindusar died not in his presence.

Did Ashoka Kill Sushim to Seek Revenge of his Mother’s Death?

It is mostly believed that Sushim killed Rani Dharma in his attempt to kill Ashoka’s progeny, post which AShoka was determined to kill Sushim at any cost to take his revenge. However, he didn’t kill him immediately. Rajkumar Ashoka killed Rajkumar Sushim only after his father was dead, and it was during the war of succession.

devi dharma Did Bindusar Really Help Ashoka Against Rajkumar Sushim?

So, Ashoka had not one but two reasons to kill Sushim however his actions and plan had no connection with Samrat Bindusar because everything happened post his death.

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