Ashoka is alive and struggling in Takshashila – Will Samrat Bindusar know?

Although Rajkumar Sushim, his mother Charumitra and Rajmata Helena have hints that Ashoka might be alive, Samrat Bindusar has absolutely no clue whether his son is alive or not and that too when Takshashila falls under the boundaries of Magadh.

Wonder, how the makers of the serial can show Samrat Bindusar in such a weak position. No wonder, he is the son of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Mauryan Empire. How come, he doesn’t know what is going in another province which falls under his administration.

samrat bindusar sameer dharmadikari Will Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive?

Weird that he doesn’t even know there is a young boy in Takshashila who is struggling hard against Keechak while the Samrat relaxes in Pataliaputra. This is obviously downright wrong as Samrat Bindusar in reality, cannot be so wrong who has no idea what is going in and around his state.

What About Samrat Bindusar’s Guptchar?

We are very well versed with the spy system of the Mauryas. Even the serial gave us a glimpse of the same. However, now that is the right time to show the functioning of the spy system looks like the writers are not interested at all. Instead, they are showing how Samrat Bindusar is a big fool among all the cunning characters. No wonder, Dharma believes her son is alive while the rest gets useful information and evidence of “Ashoka being alive”.

chanakya arthashastra spy system Will Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive?

In this situation, one would have thought that Samrat would send his guptchar to Takshashila and also inside Keechak’s palace but instead, the Samrat sits relaxed in his Palace. Isn’t it a defamation of the Mauryan Samrat.

Besides, in such a situation –

Will Samrat Ever Know that Ashoka is Alive and not dead?

Samrat Bindusar’s character is rather very strange. He listens to everybody. For instance, instead of taking care of Dharma, he sends her to another place and that too without any soldier or important person as she wants to go like a common woman (Dharma insists this) and now that she is helping Ashoka, the Samrat has no idea where his wife is. Isn’t this whole mess quite weird? After all, Dharma is pregnant?

bindusar ashoka relationship Will Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive?


Wonder, how the serial will further enfold because Ashoka has vowed to kill Keechak and Keechak is being helped by Amatya Rakshasa. On the other hand, both Charumitra and Helena wants Bindusar to announce “Sushim” as the heir since he thinks Ashoka is dead.

Will Samrat Get the News of Ashoka’s Victory before It is Too Late?

Looks like Bindusar will announce Sushim his heir before Ashoka defeats Keechak. No wonder, going by the storyline we don’t think Samrat Bindusar will ever know about the situation in Takshashila until and unless Ashoka himself comes in front of him and make him believe that he is alive.

bindusar helena ashoka Will Bindusar Know that Ashoka is Alive?

While, we are in love with the Takshashila plot as it focuses more on the administration than the palace politics, we wonder, how and when will Bindusar know about Ashoka. Also, we fear whether Rajkumar Sushim would take all the credit of Ashoka just to prove himself worthy in front of Bindusar and the people of Pataliputra.

Let’s see what happens next – What do you think?

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