Chand and Sushim will be face to face – Will Bindusar know that Chand is his own son Ashoka?

It’s been an interesting roller coaster ride in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial where everybody is coming face to face. While, Ashoka was away so far, it didn’t take much time for people to recognize Ashok as Chand because of his action and behavior.

From Mahamatya, Sushim, Charumitra to Helena and Siamak, all realized that the strong and mighty Chand can be none other than Ashoka especially after he disrespected Bindusar and mentioned how his head bows only in front of 3 people – Maa, Matrabhumi and Guru.

While, it did make Bidusar remember his son AShoka, he didn’t sense that it can be him only. However, looks like the day has some when Samrat will know that Chand is Ashoka.

samrat bindusar sameer dharmadikari Will Bindusar Know that Chand is Ashoka?

Ashoka and Sushim Will Come Face to Face

Both the sons of Bindusar will come in front of each other. While, one is a guy who has spared life of his competitors, the other is a devil who spares nobody’s life. Yes, Sushim is a complete devil and he also has mayavai powers with him which can kill anybody. However, Ashok is no less. He is powerful too and everybody knows he can give a tough competition to him.

Ankit Arora Sushim Will Bindusar Know that Chand is Ashoka?

Both will come face to facein the akhada fighting with each other. However, Acharya and Nayak are scared as anything can happen between them. While, Helena is happy that both the powerful sons of Bindusar will eventually die in the yudh and Siamak will sit on the throne. No wonder, it is her dream from day 1. Meanwhile, Charumitra is sure that Chand is none other than Ashok as only he can have such a bright and powerful charisma.

Rani Dharma Will Stop the Fight

We have seen how Acharya asks to bring Rani Dharma soon so that she can stop the fight. Buzz is that Rani Dharma reaches the spot with Vit and cries Ashok in the precap. Everybody including Bindusar looks at her as they get to know that the person fighting against Sushim is none other than his own brother Ashok. We are not sure whether it is just a dream sequence or in real, but we think soon it will be revealed that Chand is only Ashok.

rani dharma Will Bindusar Know that Chand is Ashoka?

No wonder, if Rani Dharma exposes Ashok, she will not only make things difficult for Ashok but will also have to risk Vit’s life.

Will Bindusar Accept Chand?

We didn’t expect the father-son duo to meet once again on a wrong day and at a wrong time. However, looks like Bindusar will finally know that Chand is Ashoka. Perhaps he’ll also realize why his father is dead for him. We wonder, if Bindusar will meet Vit and accept him as his son.

mohit raina ashoka Will Bindusar Know that Chand is Ashoka?

Looks like an interesting track is just around the corner. Let’s see what happens next in the serial.

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