Know the reasons Why Bindusar will not Punish Devi Dharma in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial

In yet another interesting episode of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, Ashoka has decoded the truth in front of everybody. The 14 year old kid has shocked everybody by revealing the fact that he is none other than Devi Dharma’s son and Devi Dharma is none other than the sevika whom Maharani Charumitra accused for shouting Rajkumar Sushim. Well, though it was just a dream it will soon turn into a reality.

devi dharma ashoka serial 5 Reasons Why Bindusar will not Punish Devi Dharma

Although Devi Dharma has allegations on her, here are the reasons why we think Bindusar will not punish Devi Dharma

Ashoka Will Try His Best to Prove His Mother’s Innocence

Ashoka knows that his mother is innocent. He will try his best to prove that his mother is not a culprit. In order to prove his mother’s non- involvement in the plan, he shall tell how Devi Dharma in disguise came to Patliaputra only to help Bindusar so that he could recover from his injury. It is obvious a person who comes to save the Samrat will never try to harm him let alone plan his death.

Ashoka Mother Dharma Pallavi Subhash Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 5 Reasons Why Bindusar will not Punish Devi Dharma

Ashoka Will Expose the Real Culprits

Ashoka is on the confession spree. He is revealing all the things one by one, and going by his determination to bring out the truth we are sure he is definitely not in the mood to spare anybody. No wonder, he is not the typical Hindi serial bahu who will hide the truth of the antagonists for her family’s peace and happiness. This ensures that he will definitely speak out how Mir Khorasan tried to kill his mother when she was 9 month pregnant. He might need proofs to prove his claim and going by his research, we know he can prove it.

noor khorasan mir khurasan ashoka colors 5 Reasons Why Bindusar will not Punish Devi Dharma

Rani Subhrasi Might Help Too

Rani Subhrasi has always been a well-wisher of Dharma.  No wonder, from an early stage Rani Subhrasi could sense Devi Dharma’s high thinking. This is the reason why she always helped Dharma from all sort of problems at different phases. What’s more, she even went against Maharani Charumitra in defending Dharma. This give us hope that too she will join the Ashoka camp in proving Rani Dharma’s innocence.

rani subhrasi 5 Reasons Why Bindusar will not Punish Devi Dharma

Rani Niharika Could Be Diverted as well

Rani Niharika is interested in Sushim only because she thinks Sushim would be Bindusar’s heir. However, once it is shown that Bindusar’s favorite Ashoka is his own son and has almost all the possibility of becoming Bindusar’s heir, it wouldn’t be shocking to see Rani Niharika changing her plan. Besides, Ahankara loves Ashoka as well.

Acharya Chanakya too will have an important role to play

Till now Acharya Chanakya is quite. He has not put his point anywhere. We are sure he is waiting for the enemies to speak especially the joint army of Mir Khorasan and Helena. If Helena tries to put the blame on Devi Dharma and call her Raj drohi, Acharya Chanakya in his own style with enough evidences will eventually prove that Devi Dharma is innocent and she was framed by none other than Team Mir Khorasan.

Manoj Joshi as Chanakya Kautaliya Arthashastra 5 Reasons Why Bindusar will not Punish Devi Dharma

This time however it would be interesting to see who along with Mir Khorasan will be caught in the act. Will it be Noor Khorasan? Will it is Rani Niharika? Will it be Maharani Charumitra or Will it be Rajmata Helena herself

Image Source: Colors TV

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