Statistics say hat we ‘global citizens’ of the world have destroyed a third of the planet’s resources

If you don’t eat, then you get eaten up”.

Try to decode this old jingle. It will help you to better understand human evolution and the need for sharing with all living things.

Ego Vs Nature

To put it simply, the first step we should follow as a race is to share with the environment.

ego vs nature Biodiversity   Survival for All, not Few

Sharing is as essential to us as oxygen and carbon dioxide are to our trees. Lord Buddha is said to have enjoyed sharing his learnings with his disciples while he spent years in the forests yearning for enlightenment. Sharing is important.

Survival Vs  Biodiversity?

Let’s take up the subject of medical care. Treatment of disease today leads to profit for few. As a result, there is a misuse of resources to a large extent. And no one seems to be taking any preventive measures.

biodiversity Biodiversity   Survival for All, not Few


Then there’s the matter of half-baked truths. By ‘increasing the number of lions’ in Gujarat news; the actual truth isn’t being portrayed by the media. In reality, all the Tiger Reserves in the country are facing a crises. We haven’t even been able to leave wildlife alone. The Jungle has become a nexus for smugglers who are in cahoots with Ministers in Africa as well as Asia.

Statistics say that we ‘global citizens’ of the world have destroyed a third of the planet’s resources. The Asian Tiger population has declined by 70 percent. Animals and birds who live on freshwater face extinction in the near future.

The state of our holy river – Ganga’s survival is a matter of concern too, especially after seeing what has become of the Yamuna. The Bhagalpur Reserve is crying for protection. The number of species in tropical areas has decreased by 60 per cent. The list is endless…

 Need Vs Greed-Why should only few benefit?

need not greed gives biodiversity Biodiversity   Survival for All, not Few


Survival, growth and the legacy of tradition cannot be justified without sharing. Sharing should come naturally to us. This is crucial for human survival and the survival of Biodiversity.

Let’s open our hearts and celebrate Biodiversity.

By Rakesh Manchanda

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