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5 Life Lessons From Birdman Film You Need to Adopt Now

Although the Oscars 2015 belonged to The Theory of Everything, the award of “Best Picture” went to the movie Birdman. This Hollywood movie is not just intriguing, but sets you thinking, ultimately giving you some important life lessons. Read here some of the life lessons which the movie bestows you along with some paisa vasool scenes.

Eat More To Lose Weight

Everybody has heard and lamented about the advice, “Eat less to lose weight”. Luckily, there seems to be good news for those who want to lose weight but hate to starve themselves. Yes, there is a way to lose weight by eating more. Yes, you heard right! You can now eat more and lose weight without envying metabolism of your leaner friends who seem to eat meals after meals of sinfully delicious dishes; without putting on an ounce of extra weight.

Discover How to Cure Acne And Pimples With Home Remedies

Home remedy is the best remedy for many things – It is neither risky nor involves great amount of cash. What’s more, it makes sure it benefits you permanently. Here we have a list of home remedies which is ought to cure your daily woes – yes acne and pimples. Check them out…

Why Not a Private Ltd?

Popular notion and myths about maintenance of a corporate entity in India drive many Entrepreneurs to start their venture as a Proprietorship or Partnership and later convert into a Private Limited Company. In this article, the writer debunks popular myths about a Private Limited Company. Want to start a business? Read on…

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