Bitching always associates itself with negativism but not all its kinds is hostile. Bitching turns out as the best stress buster if you direct it right.

 ‘Bitching’ is our most favorite time pass activity. Almost we all do in our life at some or other point in our life span. Frequency of this ‘B-activity’ does vary from one age group to other for example ‘bitching’ is at its thrilling point in teenagers while little less active post-50s. ‘Bitching’ become little passive as we login in 20s, whereas activity starts losing its charm in 30s and soon as we progress towards the mature age group which starts from 40s. But there are no concrete evidence on this age segregation concept, its hypothetical calculation on general observation which say ratio does fall in above-mentioned age groups for one vital reason that is; we are preoccupied in some or other work as we progress in life to earn bread & butter. Hence no free time for ‘Bitching’. But it does restart if ignite with some emotions vs. situations and we become more reactive teenagers.

bi   “Bitching” – ‘Best Stress Buster’

It’s commonly saying ‘Bitching’ is more popular in women than in men. Well, that’s not right; it does not have any gender discrimination. Understand this from simple example; major encounters of ‘Bitching’ sequels happens in a professional culture which is more dominated by male counterparts in the middle age group.  So Bitching has nothing to do with gender constraint. It’s solely linked with human emotions & to its extreme degree one who goes through emotional see-saw. We commonly perceive it as a negative activity & often doesn’t give good regards to the group who indulge in ‘Bitching’ despite forgetting the fact that we were among one of them some or other point of time. Now look at the bigger picture of this aspect. There is always some goodness associated with negativity we just have to find out that hidden good element. We can simply overcome such negative waves. Always remember problem doesn’t come without solution hence negativity will not exist without positivity. Let’s understand +ve & -‘ve waves with two real-time examples from corporate culture answering to the same question.

Why people indulge in bitching?bit1   “Bitching” – ‘Best Stress Buster’

If I am lethargic person & I don’t want to put my best whatever I do,Ijust want to have relaxed life. On the other side if I see my colleague is doing his/her best in any assigned job, as a human tendency I will encounter jealousy and will indulge in ‘Bitching’ of my fellow colleague. This is a negative picture of ‘Bitching’ that actually makes ‘Bitching’ as a notorious element of the human activity. I agreed to that. It is nothing but the leg pulling activity as a destructive human role. Now try to understand it in a different way with same question vs. example.

Why people indulge in bitching?bitc   “Bitching” – ‘Best Stress Buster’

I am good whatever I do, but I am not getting any opportunity to showcase my talent in front of my boss. Normally corporate culture works in pre-conceived concept & they live in it. They give an opportunity to selective people whom they have already tested & can comfortably rely on. Due to this pre-conceived mindset & lack of opportunities my talent is wasting (I perceive). Whereas my colleague who has recorded himself in good books of the boss, he always get some or other assignment & he is equal/lesser talented than I am (in my notion). As a human tendency, I’ll agitate & inclined towards ‘Bitching’. I’ll start leg pulling game, but ultimately what I am trying to do is venting myself to release frustration which I am dealing as a byproduct of not matching with my expectations. I will always have in this mind that I am hurting his image publically by creating this fuss. So in short I am trying to say ‘NOTICE ME’. I am just an opportunity seeker and that is my reaction policy. I just want one big opportunity for myself.

Extract of this narration:

There are two conclusion to draw from ‘Bitching’ from above situations, but a ‘Keep an eye open’ if someone happens to face. One; if you happens to become center of ‘Bitching’ by someone, its shows that you are famous now that’s why people have started noticing you & they are talking in your back though it is nothing less than shit. Don’t take it to your heart & don’t stop working. ‘Enjoy your popularity & being in the limelight’. Second is for the bosses; if you could find ‘bitching king/queen’ you have found one more talented person in your team who happens to be ‘Out of your sight’. S/he is seeking your attention & one chance, take it positively. You will end up having one more competent subordinate to strengthen your team. If not so; then eventually found one more lethargic team member to kick his ass for the betterment of the company.

Just cheer up & enjoying the center of ‘Bitching’ and keep rocking.  So let’s start ‘Bitching’ for a fun!!

bitch   “Bitching” – ‘Best Stress Buster’

By Rajkumari Nagpal

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