Know the funny, weird, bizarre and WTF Yoga Poses that people around the world practice

If you thought yoga was all about sitting in meditation and breathing think again. To do the yoga poses below one will need some serious acrobatic skills. 

1. Ek Pada Sirasna ~ Foot Behind The Head Pose

One foot behind the head and one towards the sky, I wonder what type of strain this pose can give the poor body of the person keenly trying to do this asan- Sacrum or will it hurt the groin area? For all you adventure and thrill seekers out there go ahead and try this. Three benefits from this pose are: weight loss, better balance and stronger core. 

Ek Pada Sirasna Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

2. Dandayamana – Dhanurasana ~ Standing Bow Pose

This position could tear your legs apart. I bet this pose has found its way  into some torture manual.  

Dandayamana Dhanurasana Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

3. Tittibhasana ~ Firefly Pose

While I use my hands and finger to say “Yo”, Yoga fanatics do with their legs trying to enact like a Firefly. 

Tittibhasana Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

4. Viranchyasana

Why should heads only be up high towards the sky, don’t you think legs too deserve the same treatment? Perhaps, it is better to pray without any partial treatment towards your body – You never know if praying in this perfectly normal position can help you face all the problems in life.

Viranchyasana Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

5. Yoganidrasana ~ Sleeping Pose

This I think is the most relaxing pose of all the yoga asanas – No wonder, the yogi smiles while she is bundled as  luggage. Perhaps, that is why the Yogis never need a sleeping bag when they wander in the jungles and forest.

yoganidrasana Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

6. Udharva Padmasana ~ 

Yoga can really change your perspective. This pose is sure to do that! 


urdhva padmasana v shirshasane 1 Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

7. Karna Pidasna – Deaf Men’s Pose or Ear Pressure Pose

Just imagine a person bumps in your room while you do this position. What will be his or her reaction? Wondering why anyone would try this? It supposedly aids in weight loss and who doesn’t want that.

Karnapidasana Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

8. Chakorasana

This position is a reminiscence that we humans, have evolved from animals. For a moment, forget, the perspective of Yoga and you’ll see a man in a monkey avatar suspended from one branch of the tree, trying hard to move on to the upper branch.

Chakorasana Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

9. Astavakrasana ~Eight Angle Pose

Well, we women have the tendency of doing everything in grace and style, don’t we? I’m sure the yogis invented this position keeping us ladies in mind. However, I wonder how my gym instructor will react if he sees me doing a push up in style!

Astavakrasana Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

10. Vrschikasana ~ Scorpion Pose

This deadly scorpion position will no ways sting your enemy but your body itself. My only question to Yogis who collectively discovered this pose – Do you even like walking in this pose?

scorpion pose yoga balance Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

11. Parsva – Dandasana

Yet another arm balancing ‘up in the air’ act. That makes me wonder, why the Indian Sports Association never sends Indian Yogis in the Gymnastic Tournaments around the world? I’m sure they will beat the dominating countries.

parsva dandasana Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

12. Eagle Pose ~ Garudasana

This eagle is not about to soar anytime soon but has found itself in a twist. This is what a human corkscrew looks like!

eagle pose yoga Twelve Bizarre Yoga Poses

By: Deepti Verma


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