“The String of Saffron Pearls” refers to the BJP’s plan to capture all border states to control problems such as infiltration, terrorism, and trafficking.

string of saffron pearls 2 BJP Attempts to Capture All Border States

  1. Reportedly the BJP has an innovative and highly elaborate plan to secure the nation’s borders. The twitter handle Lytyen’s Masala, which claims to have the inside info on the power corridors of New Delhi tells us what this is:
  2. A most brilliant plan to protect & save not just Bengal but the whole of India has been envisaged; the code term “Invincible Pigeon’s” is used to refer to the person detailing the plan
  3. The mission is to stop Infiltration, Terrorism, and Trafficking.
  4. According to this “insider information” from the corridors of power, the BJP is concentrating on winning elections in the states that share international borders with our inimical neighbours including Pakistan, China and Bangladesh.
  5. For the ruling party at the centre, winning states that border our neighbors will henceforth take precedence over non-border states.
  6. No expense or effort to be spared for the achievement of this aim. BJP ruling dispensations being intalled in the border states are aimed at controlling various problems such as cross border terror, illegal infiltration as well as trafficking of people, smuggled goods, arms and so on.
  7. The ultimate idea is to create a “String of Saffron Pearls” and a long term plan to bring all of India’s border states under BJP rule by 2019. The Rajasthan-to-Bengal (sic) string includes all the states that abut international (and presumably porous) borders that can be and are a source of terror, smuggling and more.
  8. The understanding is that the absence of traitors & its allies, past & present, from 11 states  – presumably extending from the West to the North and around to the East: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Meghalaya and Tripura. BJP rule in these states would supposedly be a body-blow to infiltration, terrorism, trafficking and other illegal ‘imports’.
  9. Good plan. To secure the country’s borders and the party’s hold on the country.

Source – Lutyen’s Masala

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