Speculation is rife: is the BJP-SAD alliance going the way of the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance? Is the alliance headed for a split? Can the BJP manage on its own without allies?

After The Shiv Sena Is It Now The Turn Of The SAD?Katheria Sampla WILL BJP DUMP SHIROMANI AKALI DAL?

  1. It was a very long standing alliance; one based on shared political ideologies, but now seems to be at an end. The decades old BJP – Shiv Sena alliance is in tatters in Maharashtra and the party ruling at the centre now appears willing to sever ties with another ally – the Shiromani Akali Dal in Punjab as well.
  2. There has been a very public fissure in ties between traditional allies BJP and Shiv Sena. The dispute with regard to the Cabinet expansion at the Centre as well as the formation of the Government in Maharashtra has seen the seemingly impervious BJP willing to go it alone; refusing to accommodate Shiv Sena leaders. The situation recently came to a head when Sena leader Anil Desai left the capital without taking oath at the swearing in ceremony. This is being seen as one more broken promise in a series of broken promises; something described by Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray as “humiliation after humiliation”.
  3. A similar scenario as we saw with the Shiv Sena seems to be unfolding in Punjab as well. as the BJP failed to arrive at an agreement with the Shiv Sena before the Maharashtra assembly polls, so seems the case with the BJP-SAD alliance in the upcoming municipal elections in Punjab. (Source – New Indian Express)
  4. Ram Shankar Katheria  WILL BJP DUMP SHIROMANI AKALI DAL?BJP’s newly appointed Punjab affairs in-charge, Ram Shankar Katheria has even indicated that his party would be willing to go ahead and contest the 2017 polls on its own, without support from the SAD. In response, the SAD spokesperson indicated that the BJP was free to “walk away anytime” even though CM Prakash Singh Badal adopted a more conciliatory tone, saying that “for communal harmony” the alliance ought to remain intact.
  5. Though Arun Jaitley has spoken about the BJP-SAD alliance as continuing for many years, recent events seem to suggest something else: the attempts of local leaders to consolidate the party at the village level as well as the BJP’s recent membership drive makes it seem that BJP is willing to wing it on its own. There is also the fact that BJP no longer seems content with no. 2 in any form of fashion – Katheria has clearly stated BJP doesn’t want the role of Deputy CM. (Source – HT)
  6. 10 vijay sampla WILL BJP DUMP SHIROMANI AKALI DAL?The other factor that seems to be tipping the scales in favour of BJP breaking its SAD alliance is the rise of Dalit leader Vijay Sampla. Beginning is journey as a labourer, he moved to Saudi as a plumber from where he returned to start his political career. It is thought that Sampla will be the winning gambit for the 32% Dalit vote in Punjab; which could be another reason why BJP thinks that this alliance is dispensable. Sampla was reported as saying – “….Our leaders have already indicated that if Haryana-like situation develops, we may go alone.” (Source – ET)
  7. It remains to be seen whether the BJP’s confidence in itself is justified or miscalculated; whether the spurning of long nurtured regional alliances will cost the party dear in future.

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