BJP seems to be in hurry as if it has 100 agendas to complete in 100 days. But, for starters, can the BJP government first develop Delhi as a model city, pass even one standard test? And then move to 10 and then 100?

Why does the new BJP Government appear in such a tearing hurry? They are acting as if they only three months time on hand and not a five- year mandate to fulfill their promises. 

It’s OK to prepare a 100 day agenda for every ministry. But with the kind of stubborn no change bureaucracy and political animosity between the Centre and unlike minded States (those who are not Modi friendly) it would be foolhardy to expect all those plans to be executed within 100 days. 

bjp national agenda BJP Government Should First Create 1 Model City Then Add More Zeros

Let’s take the talk of creating 100 model cities in the country. Very ambitious and forward looking and development oriented indeed! But the problem is that the count to 100 begins with one. 

Do we Have Even one City that can be Called a Model City in the Real Sense? 

One would have expected Delhi to be in that exalted position by the sheer importance of the city- home to Rashtrapati Bhavan, PM residence, 10 Janpath, parliament, all foreign embassies etc etc. 

And by that logic there should be no lack of funds for infrastructure development of the capital of both Bharat and India (I hope Mohan Bhagwat has no problem with that)

Narendra Modi BJP BJP Government Should First Create 1 Model City Then Add More Zeros

But Has That Happened?

Does even one resident of Delhi feel that he is part of a model city by any yardstick and I am not talking of the NCR here of which less said the better? 

When Shiela Dikshit was the CM she was blamed for finding lame excuses for not making the city up to mark- multiplicity of authorities, lack of funds, law and order and Delhi police being out of her control. 

Delhi BJP MODEL CITY nda BJP Government Should First Create 1 Model City Then Add More Zeros

She is past now confined to a Raj Bhavan, away from the political arena. The Centre has a BJP government and the Delhi LG works under its directions. Will the NDA pick up the gauntlet now and develop Delhi as a model city to pass even one standard test? 

One can then be enlarged to 10 and then to 100.

By: Amitabh Srivastava

Image Source: Narendra Modi, BJP Agenda, Delhi

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