7 of 21 new ministers in BJP Government are facing prosecution. At least 5 people in the cabinet have been charged with serious offences such as rape & rioting

“Success will not lower its standard to us.  We must raise our standard to success.” – Rev. Randall R. McBride, Jr.

Nothing succeeds like success and it happens at least once to every one of us in life. As scribes we get the credit for including the quotes of great writers, leaders, social reformers, poets and speakers in our essays .We get the credit for the good deeds done by our ancestors; we get applause for the efforts made by others and sneaked by chance into our record. We succeed by fluke. Some of us show magnanimity to acknowledge the origins and inspirations; some look the other way.

Modi shah BJP Government : Old Wine in the Tainted Bottle

Nothing of such fluke went Mr. Narendra Modi’s way. He was clear about his goals. He didn’t compromise on his convictions and won the war on his own terms. He has risen from the ranks. He had worked hard. It doesn’t matter if I disagree with many of his policies and programs.

We were expecting the same inflexible, non-bending attitude in governance when came to power.

This scribe is not one of those who believe in magical wand that changes the situations overnight. It takes time. However, as a Persian couplet goes:

Khist-e-awwal choon nehad memar kej; Ta Surraiya mee rawad dewar kej.” If the first stone of the foundation is laid oblique, the wall would have a bent even if it reaches the galaxy. A lot is written about the beauty of success, far less about its flip side.  Psychosis entails a loss of contact with an objective reality, often including false beliefs about what is taking place. You may term it paranoia, fantasy or fabrication, delusion – seeing and hearing things that aren’t there. Successful individuals get often addicted to being right or being in control 24 / 7.

Executive functions that govern advanced thought processes like strategy, trust building, and compassion shut down, and the instinctive brain, takes over. The conversations become monologues instead of two-way dialogues. The tragedy is that many leaders discover too late they are failing to connect with and influence others. The communication blind spots develop in their personality and they began to suffer the conversational delusions.

They feel they always know what they need to do and these creeping defaults prevent honest and productive sharing of information and opinion.

Let us come back to selection of ministers of  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his cabinet formations and expansion.

Seven of 21 new ministers of his team are facing prosecution. At least five people in the cabinet have been charged with serious offences such as rape and rioting. Is it not pertinent to recall that BJP did win the biggest parliamentary majority in three decades in May with a promise of graft-free governance?

PM Modi with new ministers cabinet expansion BJP Government : Old Wine in the Tainted Bottle

Now, the government is going to run by those who are facing the charges of attempted murder, waging war on the state, criminal intimidation and fraud. Out of the window go his promises and his pledge to clean up politics. Indians had handed over the reins of power to NaMo with great hope as the government led by Congress party was mired in umpteen number of corruption scandals. Public was fed up with Congress and Corruption both. What is happening now??

Palliatives offered by Finance minister Arun Jaitley constitute hardly any cogent argument. “These are cases arising out of criminal accusations, not cases out of a crime.” Mr. Jaitly is defending the ilk of Ram Shankar Katheria, a lawmaker from Agra, who is being appointed junior education minister. He has been accused of more than 20 criminal offences including attempted murder and promoting religious or racial hostility. Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, another new junior chemicals and fertilizer minister is there in the galaxy. He is charged with around 20 offences, including intent to wage war against India, criminal intimidation and abetting a mutiny.

If Mr. Modi is willing to anoint the people like Giriraj Singh who had crowned the recent controversies about the recovery of Rs 1.14 crore from his Patna home in July, it is difficult to believe the slogans of war against corruption. He is also known for his famous election speech in Jharkhand, where he asked “those opposing the BJP and Modi” to “go to Pakistan”. Bihar had some respectable names like C P Thakur and Bhola Singh.

Mr. Modi has created a separate AAYUSH portfolio, whose minister will be charged with promoting traditional medicines and practices of Ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and homeopathy. What was so pressing need to separate it from ministry of health?

As the time passes and the shining dust of victory settles down the public would snap out of the victory syndrome. The inclusion of such politicians goes contrary to Modi’s election promise to root out corruption. The Prime Minister is glaringly failing to change the political culture in India.

 “It shows scant respect for the rule of law or public sentiment,” said Jagdeep Chhokar, co-founder of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) which campaigns for better governance. “Including these people in the cabinet is a bad omen for our democracy.”

I’m ignoring the issues of ‘Parivarvad’ for some other turn.

By: Naim Naqvi

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