Altogether it’s just GST. But for opposition it is the most unjust GST. All people want is this “not at all just” GST turns out to be a “just” GST.

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity with some pride. 

These are the words that don’t need any introduction. Years ago it’s heard, as they say, that this night was no less brighter than any day. With whole India awake and whole of Delhi on streets, every one renounced to his words ,each and every Indian perhaps was listening to this triumph. India got freedom and “midnight stroke”  became a proverb to be used by posterity ever after.

 Just A Just GST For BJP, While For The Opposition  Unjust GST

Who knew then that this speech could be so profitably used later on. On that night when patriotism was celebrating it’s greatest Deepawali Gandhiji was silently working with his charkha and praying. They say he was sad about the violence he’d never expected and found himself of no use. The same old man’s complain which also got carried on to posterity.

India got independence again, acclaimed India TV when GST bill got passed in a special session held at midnight . It is indeed the greatest indirect taxation reform introduced in India after independence , and greater is it’s ceremonious welcoming by Bharatiya Janta Party. With speeches imitating the same triumph and same pledges renouncing again after all these years.

However there are slight differences in spectator though. Quite a lot people may have watched the live telecast , with a new term nationalism spirit which have grown more significant than patriotism lately. But Delhi streets were as ignorant as they are habitual of being, with half of the parties not participating , calling it BJP’s “self proclamation propaganda”, and maybe that old man is still praying somewhere out there.

GST Just A Just GST For BJP, While For The Opposition  Unjust GST

Talking about GST conceptually, it is a destination based tax levied on consumption of goods and services. To summarize in short , it will make a uniform taxation system in whole nation . Various VAT, service tax, luxury tax , etc.. i.e taxes implied on various tiers of production and transportation to customer shall be abolished and only one destination based taxation system would follow. 

It would have many advantages like  lowering of commodity price , thus increase in demand, thus increase in production, thus increase in employment.

It would help to curb black money. And more corruption free business would operate (so they say)with a few generic disadvantages like  discomfort to small traders who operate inter state business. Increase in prices of service sector and implementation based technicalities.

It’s suspected growth in GDP could be only talked clearly upon its successful implementation and observation. But who cares? After this ceremonious welcoming of GST, it’s enough to label it as the greatest deed of development forever. When the analysis of repercussions of demonetiszation is still given by the results of UP election , to talk about GST is a distant dream.<
gst bill Just A Just GST For BJP, While For The Opposition  Unjust GST

Altogether it’s just GST. But for opposition it is tragically the most unjust GST. Getting so much chivalrous image through a taxation bill , BJP has certainly cracked a trick in statistics. Deception has come into play like never before. All I hope is that this “not at all just” GST  turns out to be a “just” GST.
By Souma Thakur
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