L.K. Advani’s resignation brings to light the internal conflict within BJP. With Narendra Modi acquiring an increasingly important role in the party, what lies ahead for BJP and for Advani?

Advani must not in his wildest dreams thought that he would have had to shun the office of all vital posts he held in the BJP – the party which he nurtured as his own baby. What made Advani say “adieu” (subsequently followed by his retraction)? Was this decision taken in haste or is it a prudent political maneuvering, the answer lies with the insiders of the BJP. The story takes full ground mid day, almost a day after Mr Narendra Modi takes the mantle of the party’s Lead Campaign Manager for the upcoming Lok Sabha Polls.

Lal Krishna Advani 300x199 Whats Next For the BJP & Lal Krishna Advani ?

It is no secret that Mr Advani with his mentorship hat, which he has been wearing all these years, held a deep internal desire of donning the final hat of Prime Minister of India, before he finally retired ( Mind it he still holds the position of leadership amongst the NDA and is a sitting Lok Sabha MP, so quite a lot polity is still holding ground for him). But considering the changed political climate within the country – his muse Modi has taken the mantle himself. Modi through his sheer grit and political clout, virtually outcast the octogenarian politician.

So what is the next step for Advani and the BJP?

The party fiefdom needs to understand his political stance . In his resignation letter Mr Advani had pointed out his dissatisfaction in the way the party is heading for along with the current working scenario. He may be right in a sense that every now and then we see some political bickering happening within the party. The recent ouster of eminent lawyer Mr Ram Jethmalani can be termed as a classical example of how the party is being managed. Leaders like Uma Bharti & Arun Shourie have shown strong dissidence and have taken an on and off route within and outside the party.

Why Mr Advani is utmost important as the role of “Bhishma Pitamah” in BJP?

The answer lies with a reason which the BJP things is politically wise not to let go Mr Advani at this crucial juncture of elections and perhaps a politically unfavorable climate for the BJP. The resignation of L.K Advani, with all his political experience, openly showcases the internal strife of the BJP, not to mention, a potential wave of dissent within the party (considering that some strong BJP stalwarts have strong bent towards Advani). Second and foremost, the party Patriarch has quantitative experience in terms of managing the party inside out and the crown of “Bishma Pitamah” (who voluntarily shunned kingship to serve Hastinapur as a lifelong patriarch) under his aegis which is needed to keep the unit intact at this time of political uncertainty.

But the main question is still left unanswered. Will he be joining the political bandwagon with fervor ? May be these are questions which Mr Advani is still pondering upon. The need of the hour for the BJP political class is to bring Advani on board . It is possible that brand Narendra Modi will fade if the elections don’t go well for the BJP. True, that the latest rise of Modi , is not by chance – the man has striven hard to be in a position he is with his strong penchant for administration and making Gujarat a role model state for all of us to follow. His unspoken conflict with Mr Advani is everyone’s guess and the bigger question which awaits all of us it that “what happens when BJP comes to power and Narendra Modi is unanimously elected the Prime Minister of India?” What role does Shri Advani bear at this juncture?

For now let us all contemplate an end which suits all and brings forth an amicable solution to this peculiar problem which the BJP is facing right now, there may not be any quick fix solutions but for sure the ending has to be great so as to keep the opponents guessing what went right within BJP, for now it is anyone’s guess as to who is having the last laugh!!!

Image Source : IANS

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