History has repeated itself. BJP was overthrown by AAP in Delhi election and Bihar has done the same to again.

I was holding my pen after the convincing defeat of RSS / BJP in the Bihar election as I was expecting that wiser council would prevail and an honest introspection would follow to bisect or analyze the reasons of fiasco. Unfortunately, on expected lines, nothing of that sort happened and we’re back to square one. As one Urdu poet has once said:

‘Sir say gharoor-e-masnat-o-makhmal naheen gaya; rassi tamam jal gayee par bal naheen gaya.’

An easy interpretation -The rope is burned but the curves still remain, the heady wine of hubris and vanity fails to make way.

When the top leaders of BJP met after the crushing defeat in Bihar to take stock of situation on Monday, the simple excuse of defeat was concocted in the following words – ‘We failed to estimate the strength of the Grand Alliance whose vote transferability was quite good’. According to wiser echelons of RSS / BJP, on the chess-board that saw their every move check-mated by GA, no one is individually responsible for the debacle. And the surprise of surprises – the height of insensitivity, the party sources said that there may not be any action against those who made controversial remarks in the run-up to the polls though the party felt that a negative campaign adversely affected its prospects. I think the only sacrifice could be made of the shotgun Bihari Babu who is slowly inching towards JD (U) for a safer and luxurious haven.

arun jaitley hindu saffron bullies BJP Has Learned Zilch From Bihar Fiasco

Conceding defeat, the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley told reporters that the BJP’s assessment of the Bihar poll scenario had gone wrong. The party had been hoping that its development agenda and the chemistry created by the Prime Minister would overcome arithmetic. “We couldn’t estimate the strength of the Grand Alliance. After detailed analysis, we have observed that the vote transferability of the Grand Alliance was quite good, and had a major impact on the Bihar elections. The unity of Mahagathbandhan is the reason for our defeat.

However, the former chief minister and Hindustani Awam Morcha (HAM) president Jitan Ram Manjhi blamed point-blank the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and BJP president Amit Shah for the debacle of the BJP-led alliance in Bihar. “Bhagwat’s statement on review of reservation for Dalits and OBCs harmed the NDA’s prospects as it was made one of the main issues by the Grand Alliance.

jitan ram manjhi BJP Has Learned Zilch From Bihar Fiasco


The issue of reservation in educational institutions and in jobs badly affected the Bharatiya Janata Party-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA). He said Mr Shah’s statement that firecrackers would be burst in Pakistan if the BJP lost the Bihar assembly polls also played a major role in the NDA’s defeat. “The statement only helped the Grand Alliance.” Mr Manjhi’s party contested from 20 seats but won only one seat. The party’s sole victor was Mr Manjhi himself. He won from Imamganj in Gaya, his home district.

From within the BJP, the first bold assertion of responsibility of defeat was made by three party MPs, two of them from Bihar – Madhubani MP Hukmdev Narayan Yadav and Buxar MP Ashwini Kumar Choubey. They blamed the defeat on RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s “untimely” remarks on the reservation policy which, they said, made people perceive “BJP as the ghulam of RSS”. Hukmdev Narayan Yadav said “People do not know the soil of Bihar. People (of Bihar) have fought against social disparity more than they struggled against economic disparity. They faced two things. One was the Jungle Raj of Lalu, the second the Aatank Raj of upper castes. Lalu convincingly told people that if Aatank Raj comes, everything you have will be snatched away. Your prestige will be taken away, you will be made a slave again. The backward castes of Bihar consolidated for social rights and social equality.”

As the other beautiful Urdu couplet goes – ‘Woh baat sarey fasaney men jis ka zikr na tha, woh baat unhen boaht na-gawar guzri hai.’ The topic that was left untouched in the whole story, was actually the real spike that pinched the shoe.

Kangra MP and former Himachal Pradesh chief minister Shanta Kumar also too took a swipe at the leadership, saying the party blundered by not doing an “honest and serious self-introspection” after the rout in Delhi. He said though Prime Minister Narendra Modi clarified his stand on reservation, it was already too late. But what did the Prime Minister say???

kejriwal BJP Has Learned Zilch From Bihar Fiasco

Just to win a few votes, the Prime Minister of India had told in the rally at Buxor,”What do Lalu and Nitish want to do with OBC and EBC? They want to snatch 5% reservations. 5% of Dalits, 5% of Maha Dalits, 5% from the OBC and 5% of EBC. They are conspiring to give it to a religious community.” On Tuesday, he repeated that charge at Bettiah. As the most responsible political entity of the nation, it was his responsibility to provide a proof to back up his blatant allegation. He failed to do that and his claim was poorer than fiction. Is it not tantamount to deliberately play one caste or religion against another?

Does it behoove upon a Prime Minister of the great nation to speak so off the cough? Indian Constitution does not allow any reservation on the basis of religion. He should have known better. Indian Constitution has also not allowed the Impeachment of Prime Minister but only the President of India could be impeached under Article 61. The prime minister may not be impeached using any meaning of the term impeachment described in the constitution. There is a safety net!

However, with the Bihar poll disaster, our Pradhan Sevak Narendra Modi Ji is looking for much desired break – a nice break of Wembley,  London. Wembley is an area of northwest London, England, and part of the London Borough of Brent. It is home to the famous Wembley Stadium, where the Prime Minister would be kept away from all protest marches that are waiting for him. He would listen only Modi! Modi! Modi shouts from the audience which is not interested about what happened in Bihar. A luxuriant lunch is expected with the British Queen and it would be a booster to his spirits.

modi express BJP Has Learned Zilch From Bihar Fiasco

Let me wind up this article with the famous couplet of Bekal Utsahi Balrampuri:

‘Chaley woh har key gajre galey men da ley hue, woh merey sir ko jo neozon pa hai uchlaley hue.’ With the garlands of defeat round his neck he moves, while my head is tossed on spikes. We may again see the next show of 56 inch chest and flexing the saffron muscles in times to come.

By Naim Naqvi

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