Ever since BJP assumed power,people notice a significant shift from the secular credentials of the nation to a theocratic state taking place.

Not a day passes without the BJP Government at the centre doing something or other controversial  and disturbing the peace of the nation .Be it one’s right to eat what he wants,or right to be secular in refusing ‘Yoga’ or refusing to shout what some people want every body to shout. It’s all disturbing the peace that has been assiduously built over the last 6 decades by our mature leaders.Often ,people wonder what gives BJP such an arrogance of action!Is that they think that the 17 crore votes they got out of 81.45 crore strong electorate,gives them the mandate to bulldoze? No doubt, BJP did win an impressive score of 282 seats out of  543 in Lok Sabha,thanks to the inherent weakness of the electoral process.But one should not not forget that the majority of  the electorate HAVE EITHER NOT VOTED FOR BJP OR VOTED FOR OTHER PARTIES! Yes,in fact,only 31% voters have given their mandate for BJP as against 69% who are either against it or not for it.With this kind of feeble democratic support ,what right does BJP has to take those drastic and disturbing decisions?

flying bjp flags Is BJP Misusing The Mandate Given By People?

And Is that 31% Mandate For Disturbing the Peace of the Nation?

Lets not forget that the feeble 31 %mandate given by those who have voted is also for development only .In addition, some votes might have come out of sheer frustration over the then Congress rule.

What you and me are sure is that whatever mandate BJP got,the mandate  is  definitely not for:

  • Saffronisation

saffronisation Is BJP Misusing The Mandate Given By People?

Ever since BJP assumed power,people notice a significant shift from the secular credentials of the nation to a theocratic state  taking place.Saffron power is visible every where even as minorities are being attacked on various fronts.

Let us see what BJP Manifesto says about saffronisation.Highlights of BJP Manifesto contained in it   and does not have a single word on saffron agenda which means BJP has no mandate of the voters for this agenda.

  • Hindi imposition/ Sanskritisation

The Manifesto has not a single word about Hindi/Sanskrit imposition any where.On the other hand ,page 41 of the BJP Manifesto 2014. has this promise:” Languages: Indian Languages are repositories of our rich literature, history, culture, art and scientific achievements. Many of our dialects are important source for knowing our heritage. BJP would promote Indian languages, and put measures for the development of all Indian languages, so that they become a powerful vehicle for creating a knowledge society. “While the position is so,our PM goes around the world making a wrong impression that Hindi is our national language and is understood by all Indians.He has gone to the extent of asking votes in Hindi in Tamil Nadu,the cradle of Hindi opposition.He,as a PM of a diverse country is doing injustice to 90 crore,majority Indians who do not know Hindi at all.It includes his own Gujarati family as well.And where is the mandate for this action?

  • Minority suppression

Now let us see what BJP promised for minorities:

“Minorities – Equal Opportunity

 National Madrasa modernization program would be initiated to  strengthen and modernize minority educational systems and institutions.  Augment their traditional artisan ship and entrepreneurial skill, which are a backbone of our cottage and small-scale industry.  Ensure a peaceful and secure environment, where there is no place for either the perpetrators or exploiters of fear.”

mob kills man in dadri beef newsx Is BJP Misusing The Mandate Given By People?

What now BJP is doing is just against the promises contained herein.Minorities are not allowed to eat what they want !Their fridges are liable to be raided by any one at any time!If they don’t shout some ‘Jai’ slogan,they are threatened.Is the voters’ mandate for these intimidatory actions?

  • Yoga noise

The big noise the BJP Govt is making on Yoga ,spending tax-payer’s money,making a patently religious Yoga, a Govt. approved program and imposing it on every one ruthlessly,is not a part of BJP Manifesto.There is not a single word about ’Yoga’ appearing any where in the manifesto.

yoga Is BJP Misusing The Mandate Given By People?

No mandate for dividing India !

To sum up,this is what BJP Manifesto 2014 crisply proclaims :

“One India,Prosperous India”

Only Scripture of the Govt—Indian Constitution”

People’s feeble mandate obtained by BJP ,is for the above 2 promises only and not for dividing India with controversial policies.Hope you hear this,dear BJP and mend your ways !Mind you,the next election is around the corner in 2019 !


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