Modi’s defeat in Bihar has indeed crushed the egoistic him within him, leaving him zippered. Hence, Bihar proved that its the actions they believe in.

Soon after the Bihar poll results were out, BJP stalwarts scourged in a rat hole to lick their wounds and sling name-calling blame-game. They didn’t have to try hard to hunt for names as the party is run by three (stooges?) …. Modi, Jaitley and Shah. No fourth person. Period.
Shatrughan Sinha even claimed, had he been the poster boy as CM, he could have done better. Ram Vilas Paswan kicked himself in the behind for the debacle his party made. Modi, the master of vote generating factory, was busy packing his bag for the next trip abroad and avoided blame-arrows shot in his direction!

What really happened? What happened to the invisible charisma of Modi? Why did the voters put out his lights for Diwali? Why was he suddenly a “bahari” barely after a year and half of landslide victory? What is it that the liberal media doesn’t want anyone to know? While Modi’s popularity has started to have diminishing returns, the rule at the Centre is lackluster and Biharis have said it loud and clear.Well, believe it or not, accept it or not, swallow it or not, the truth is somewhere between these lines:

Modi failed to keep up his promise of “progress” and “elimination of corruption”.

Narendra Modi BJP Bites The Dust

The Man: Modi

People did not receive a penny of the 25 lakhs per person promised by Modi from “black money stashed away in foreign banks”
Prices of essential commodities soared to new heights as it was “payback time” for BJP to its “donors”. For many in Bihar, the development brought by Nitish Kumar was there to see but the one promised by Narendra Modi was still in the realm of possibility. Inflation, particularly the rising prices of ‘dal’, might have also hurt.
Modi skillfully avoided local media by staying abroad.Modi’s speeches reflected arrogance, anger and cheap “dramebazi”, something the enlightened people of India no longer consider a virtue of a statesman. This kind of body language was OK if the elections were held 30 years ago when Amitabh Bachhan acted as “an angry young man” and made a fortune.

Modi rally BJP Bites The Dust
Modi’s “style” of hand and body gestures during speech projected him to be “filmy”, conceited and lacking in dignity of a leader of a respectable country in present international scenario.Amit Shah called the shots but the details of planning the campaign was outsourced who initially put NaMo and Shah’s faces on posters and added the faces of fielding candidates as an afterthought.

The BJP tried to overcome the caste configuration of the ‘Mahagatbandhan’ with Hindu consolidation by invoking the beef controversy and divisive approach like “firecrackers would be burst in Pakistan if it were to lose in Bihar”.

lalu prasad nitish together CASTE COUCH BJP Bites The Dust
The bizarre and outlandish statements by BJP over beef did not go down well with the voters. After a 50-year-old Muslim man was killed over alleged rumors of consuming beef in Uttar Pradesh’s Dadri, it became a poll issue. Just a day before the fifth phase of polls, the BJP even came out with an advertisement on statements made on beef and cow.

cow vote bank BJP Bites The Dust
After loudmouth Modi made the infamous DNA remark, around 50 lakh DNA samples (nails and hair) of people from Bihar were collected and dispatched to him and voters did not forget or forgive him for that.
After humiliating defeats of BJP in Delhi and Bihar, one can see that a political party can not survive merely by high decibel oratory skills and false promises of an individual.


By Wilson Battu

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