The BJP charged the Congress of creating two power centers. The BJP advertises itself as the party with a difference – it has only 1 power centre – Nagpur

Some months back it may have been a shocker – A man for whom his home state Gujarat where he was once a Minister is declared Tadipaar (out of bounds) by the Supreme Court, has been pitted on the national map to head the party which rules the country. But nothing shocks us any more.

Amit Shah w Rajnath Singh The BJP Has Only One Power Centre   Nagpur

BJP leaders Amit Shah, Venkaiah Naidu and party chief Rajnath Singh during a press conference in New Delhi on May 16, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

The 33 year old association of Narendra Modi and his Man Friday Amit Shah has now reached its peak and it could not get any better for the duo.
The ghosts of the Snoopgate and his role in the Sohradbuddin Sheikh case that is under investigation by the CBI, may continue to haunt him for some more time but only for some time.

The BJP has always been alleging that the CBI has been misused by the ruling party in the past and they will only be too happy to maintain the status quo now that they are in power.

Shah has earned this position for himself for his ‘revolutionary’ role in Uttar Pradesh where the BJP managed to capture 73 of the total 80 seats. That one state alone pushed up the tally of the BJP in the 2014 elections so high that it catapulted the party to capture the throne in Delhi on its own.

There have been many versions of the magic formula that enabled Shah to bring about this miracle. Social engineering, communal manipulation of the caste ridden Uttar Pradesh electorate and Modi contesting from Varanasi are being quoted as being some of the tools that helped him achieve the impossible.
But having known the RSS and the BJP from quite close quarters during my posting in Kanpur I think I know the secret.

RSS The BJP Has Only One Power Centre   Nagpur

When the NDA was bragging about Shining India, the RSS top leaders told me in confidence that they had given up on a party that had used them for the Rathyatra build up and then forgot their agenda of building the temple.
I knew immediately that the NDA was about to be voted out of power even though Pramod Mahajan, Arun Jaitley and their coterie surrounding Atal Behari Vajpayee painted a very promising return to power. But the NDA was finished. 

All Amit Shah did in this election was to bring out this discarded cadre from their homes and involve them in his vigorous campaign to bring Modi to power and suitably reward them.

Ram Madhav joining the BJP yesterday and now the anointment of Amit Shah as BJP President, felling many stalwarts by the wayside shows that now RSS is BJP and the BJP is RSS.

The BJP charged the Congress of creating two power centers.

The BJP advertises itself as the party with a difference. So it has only one power centre – Nagpur.

By: Amitabh Srivastava

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Image Source: IANS, RSS

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