Let’s have a look at some of victorious BJP’s slogans for these elections which drowned without scrutiny in the chants of NaMoh Namah!

Politics is an inexact science and my sympathies for AAP were severely strained when Arvind Kejriwal had resigned from the CM ship of Delhi. For me, he was a symbol of courage, truth and strength. AAP was a party which represented the battered Indian who struggles through life without really making it. Everything was going his way when he threw up the sponge. He made a monumental mistake and now, it seems, he is voice is lost in hollows of Raisina Hills. Is he finished ? His rise to super stardom was as rapid as his fall to an unknown abyss. No one but he is to blame himself for such anti-climax. Will he rise like a phoenix again? I’m tempted to believe- if BJP can make a comeback with plastic notions and spurious symbols, AAP can ride back on the aspirations of those who didn’t buy the Lotus Festoon and who were unfortunate part of 68.2 % of Indians – averse to mandir-vikaas politics.

kejriwal jail extension Victory without Scrutiny for BJP

Arvind Kejriwal’s judicial custody extended, he will be in jail till 6 June


TsuNaMo Alert!

People, this time, have voted for Narendra Modi and Modi alone. They didn’t remember and still can’t recall the name of the of the contenders from their constituency. This is the plight almost everywhere. The intellectuals claim that the Indian state is going nowhere but to more polarization as vikaas was never the real truth of Gujarat and it was not the real issue in this general election. People never debated the merits of welfare schemes and freedom of information revolutions. Those topics were silenced in the cacophony of Namo Namah. An ordinary TV viewer and newspaper reader was not given the breathing time to think and sift the chafe from wheat. From right to left, from top to bottom, from pillar to post and from toilet to to-let; every physical entity was inundated with Modi Waves.

Congress survived with 44, Mayawati got naught. Was Maya a leader of lesser following and small stature? No Sir, no ! It is the music of democracy. Isn’t the hard reality that RSS used TV and social media to the hilt to brainwash the doubtful people who didn’t have mature political thoughts and understanding and who were feeling economically insecure? RSS adroitly used the discontent and impatience to its advantage. I have attended the RSS gatherings where the theme song before elections was – “Jaago re Jaago, ab to jaago, jaago re jaago Hindu Jaago, ab ki baar! Modi Sarkaar!” While Narendra Bhai usually talked about vikaas interspersed with Bangladeshi Hindus and “maata ne bulaaya hai”, his lieutenants were spreading venom full throttle and stirring the passions like never before among the innocent masses. Amit Shah played his role as Ring Master with perfection.

CONGRESS WIPEOUT Victory without Scrutiny for BJP

The Congress was suffering a unique political inertia aka-Manmohan Singh and Rahul was left as a one-man-army to blunt the onslaught of RSS-Corporate-Media rolled into one. Congress had no intelligence left and Sonia Ji is still uncomfortable with the tricks the Indians could play. She is an Indian but her Italian thoughts are not doing the needful. The whole Congress clan failed to stand the challenge and answer the simple diabolically absurd slogans put up RSS propaganda machinery.

Let us analyze some well sold slogans:

“Development politics over vote bank politics.”: No one dared to question what is‘vote bank politics?’ Who has played it and who had benefited by it? Vote bank was a word used for Muslims and it implied that Congress was doing favors to Muslims. However, just a cursory look at any sector of government or private entity would reveal that Muslims have never benefited from any such schemes morally, socially or economically. The Report of Sachchar Committee has proved this beyond doubt. They remained even at the fringe of Utility Benches of the stadium where the game was played in their name. What did the BJP mean when it tom-tomed development politics? Was the illumination of already tree lined promenades, the real purpose of development or providing drinking water and a workable sewage system to the colonies where the naked dance of poverty is played day in and day out? If someone wants to help these unfortunate creatures of humanity,  how could it be called vote bank politics? The development of those who are suffering at the bottom of pyramid was termed as APPEASEMENT that was never tangible.

modi national leader BJP Victory without Scrutiny for BJP

Narendra Modi selected as leader of BJP Parliamentary Party

“Minimum government, maximum governance.”: Now let us look back into retrospect. What was happening in Gujarat? With a deputy minister Saurabh Patel, NaMo was controlling home, industries, petrochemicals, mines and minerals, energy, ports, and general administration etc etc. He was lording over the dam project of Gulf of Khambat and the giant Narmada Irrigation Project. In a democracy, the Government is run by bureaucrats. The minister gives the direction. Minimum governance should mean less interference of bureaucracy. If you concentrate all the powers in your hand without trimming the bureaucratic junkets, you are maximizing the personal power at the expense of the due role of elected side. Beautiful  coinage of childish binaries that prevailed during election times went unchallenged.

modi victory cartoon Victory without Scrutiny for BJP

The most devilish and equivocal of all rubbish was – “Secularism means ‘India First.’” The Public was sold a pig in a poke. No one in the treasury benches of Congress had guts to tell that Secularism is a constitutional obligation of a Sovereign State while ‘India first’ is a nebulous slogan. The clever juxtaposition of word smiths of RSS pulled the wool over the eyes of innocent masses. Such a meaningless and contradictory slogan sailed without the wind of intelligence. The same public which was disturbed with Jayaram Ramesh when he advocated the importance of hygiene and sanitation, bought Modi’s “Pehle Shochalaya, phir Devalaya” like hot cakes. Nobody asked who was insisting on toilets and who was going for temples?

Now, starts the time of NaMo from 26th May 2014. He has won on slogans and publicity; now he has to carry the weight of heightened expectations. The public is looking for some ease in its depressing budget, a little life to subsist and hopes for a bright tomorrow.

The grand mandate of masses is the Damocle’s  Sword that will follow the new leader in times to come.

By Naim Naqvi

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