The makers of Ashoka Serial on Colors TV are quite obsessed by the idea of black magic and vish kanya in the serial. They keep on adding it in every plot

Indian serials especially historical ones have a strange obsession with black magic and Vish Kanya. First we had seen this concept many a times in Balaji Telefilms’ Jodha Akbar and now we are seeing it repeatedly in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat produced by Contiloe.

The concept of Vish Kanya or poison girl was quite prominently use in the Mauryan era and so it is not strange to see a poisonous girl coming every now and then to harm the King and his son. However, the use of black magic that too by the chief queen when it is prohibited, looks over exaggeration. What’s more, she is not using on any other person but another queen.

maharani charumitra ashoka The Obsession of Black Magic & Vish Kanya in Ashoka Serial

Maharani Charumitra Is Learning Advance Skills in Black Magic

After learning the basics of Black Magic, it seems Maharani Charumitra have joined the advanced skills course in Black Magic where she’ll not only be trained further but even master the art completely to harm her enemies as much as she wants.

charumitra prinal ashoka The Obsession of Black Magic & Vish Kanya in Ashoka Serial

While it appears interesting to see how Maharani Charumitra is practicing black magic without being caught, we are afraid it is just a wild imagination by the writers. The reason being the main queen of Samrat Bindusar cannot do all these things under the nose of Samrat and that too without his knowledge.

Maharani Charumitra is Applying Black Magic on Rani Dharma

Rani Dharma at time becomes weird. She sees weird things and cannot do anything. Worst, she feels somebody is troubling her every now and then. While, she is thinking she is ill, the truth is Charumitra is applying all sorts of black magic on her. Wonder, how the Rajya Vaid of the palace cannot understand what Dharma is facing because if Charumitra is using black magic, the Raj vaidya should know the effects of black magic on a person.

charumitra ashoka The Obsession of Black Magic & Vish Kanya in Ashoka Serial

Or even to understand this, Acharya Chanakya will have to come and analyze the situation?

Nobody Is Realizing What Charumitra Is Upto?

Charumitra is practicing black magic from ages. However, nobody knows what she is upto and the person who caught her is an antagonist. Well, Helena blackmailed her before and now she is telling her to use it against Rani Dharma. However, though Charumitra is carrying out these activities quite easily. We wonder, if anybody in the palace could have done such a thing during the Mauryan time especially when it is against the law to use black magic on others.

sushim charumitra The Obsession of Black Magic & Vish Kanya in Ashoka Serial

No wonder, the serial has an obsession with Vish Kanya and Black magic. The moment they think of a twist to harm the king or the queen they try to add these two things. The frequency of these two things is so huge that in every twist they are involving these two parameters.

In coming days, we will see how Charumitra will try her best to harm Rani Dharma and her son Ashoka. Although it would be quite an interesting plot yet we doubt if anything of this sort really happened in the history.

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