Check out the short film Black Mirror which once again takes us back to Rich Vs Poor story, this time from the point of orphan street children

Written and directed by Adi Burman, Black Mirror is a story of Ranu, a little lost boy in Mayanagari Mumbai who doesn’t have a place, he can call his own. All alone, Ranu lost his parents in the Mumbai bomb blast. While, the entire Mumbai enjoys the beautiful landscape in Mumbai and cherish different types pf cuisine, Ranu sleeps hungry. In this busy life, nobody has time to care about Ranu or other people who don’t get enough food to eat.

The Street boys whom we see daily on street either in the local train or traffic signal remains on street forever. All they do is watch the privileged enjoying life. Yes, they can only watch and watch. Ranu in the short Film Black Mirror denotes entire community of hungry homeless boys on Indian streets… Check out this short film which shows the real black mirror to the Indian audiences.

By: Editorial Team

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