There is more to the ‘demonetization move’ than what you think.Beware! Its not just about ‘unaccounted money’ as it appears on the face of it.

We were once shifting our house and every one involved in the work was busy packing and all.There was noise and dust every where.We were starting to get fed up with the work and were just waiting for the dirty job to be over.Oh,so demanding and tiring!’Enough,if its over,’was every one’s feeling.Later,as the job was over and the dust of the shifting was settling down,we found ,to our shock ,that many of our ‘little valuables’were missing.

Valuables like the ‘fancy key chain my Malaysian friend presented 10 years back’ or ‘awesome foldable cloth hangers I bought from Singapore’..were all missing!The packers who came for assistance have stealthily  packed them off to their homes!They knew,that in all the din of shifting,we would not bother to notice them stealing our little things. They also knew,that our eyes were more fixed on ‘big’ items like cup boards,sofa etc.and would not care the little things stolen.

Modi’s ‘Operation Black Money’ launched surprisingly on a Tuesday night,is in a way like the shifting episode described above.Yes,as the entire nation looked stunned at the move,the ‘little things’ stolen by the planners went unnoticed by the common people.What are they?

500 1000 banned Black Money –Why Colour Prejudice Even In Money Matters?

  • Strengthen the existing colour prejudice

If the nation of United States is found on ‘Equality’ as the cornerstone,the country of India is found on ‘Varnashrama’ ie’Inequality’ of people,as the core base.’Fair’ colour is ‘superior’ and ‘Black’is inferior is the operating system of Indian society..This extends to all areas of Indian life.Now,by declaring ‘unaccounted cash’ as ‘Black money’,the prejudice has found its place firm in economy as well.Why call’Black Money’ instead of ‘Unaccounted Money’which explains it better?Its akin to calling ‘Black sheep’ in economics!

black money Black Money –Why Colour Prejudice Even In Money Matters?

  • Saffronisation through currencies

All major currencies of the world including the mighty US Dollar looks ‘green’ overall.Why so? ’Green’ cools your eye and stands for ‘prosperity’.’Green’ looks dignified and conveys’worth’ naturally.Indian currencies were no exception to this ‘green’ look preference,though 1000 was an exception.Our existing 500s  are ‘green’ overall.While the position is so, why should the colour of the ‘new notes’ be ‘so radically different’?Look at it carefully.What do you see?

new notes Black Money –Why Colour Prejudice Even In Money Matters?

The first look gives an uncomfortable strain to the eyes.The note resembles the ‘play paper currencies’used by children to play.The overall colour combination reminds one the colour of lotus leaf.And ‘lotus’ is the emblem of BJP signifying the Hindu resurgence.The ‘odd’ smaller size gives a confusion and a‘demoted’ worth in our eyes.The number panel looks childish.The note does not look ‘dignified’ and looks more like ‘fake currency’ Overall  ‘Don’t feel like having it in my purse.Better pass it off’ is the feeling it generates!

  • ‘Sanskritisation’through a tool one can’t refuse!

The greatest trick the Modi government did through the new currency is the enthroning of Devanagari numerals believed to be part of Sanskrit package .With a single master stroke,the government has made every one carry the Sanskrit in their hands and purses even as they  are fighting against Sanskritisation outside!While such a move involving changes in currency content,requires Parliamentary approval ,vide The Official Languages Act ,BJP’s keenness on Sanskritisation,made them do this stealthily.People,who are now mad at changing the notes,would not notice this ‘silent’revolution the government is doing.

Added to this ,is the tricky Hindi imposition through the following words.

“xyz hazar rupaye”

“bharatiya reserve baink”

“Swachh bharat logo in hindi: Ek kadam swachhta ke ore”

“Hindi numerals on the notes which were absent in the old ones”

“Laal Khila/Mangalyaan”

So,there is more to the ‘demonetization move’ than what you think.Beware!Its not just about ‘unaccounted money’ as it appears on the face of it.

Ok.Enough!I have no more time for all this chat.I need to rush to the Bank to join the kilometer long queue to change my 2000 rupees!Hope I get it changed today.Bye!

By Alvaro Hans

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