Are the efforts India is making toward improved government education for the better or the worse?

Policies related to education have always been under scanner for one or other purpose, be it a recruitment policy of teachers or providing quality education to children. Policy makers have always tried to be more than whimsical related to education sector but the desired output hasn’t been achieved yet.

Problems Faced

On one hand either insufficient funds of the sector have created problems or the inefficiency of the policies has halted the process. But this time education system is facing a serious challenge.

After September floods most of the schools closed and still stay closed. The school buildings that got damaged in floods still haven’t been repaired and lack of infrastructure is creating a lot of hurdles in clearing the process of providing quality education to children admitted to these

Recent announcement of education minister Nayeem Akhter hinted closing down of 124 schools that are without students, among 50 schools from Jammu province and 74 from Kashmir has resulted a bolt from the blue in the system.

Education is a Right A Bleak Future of Government Education in India?

As we all are aware that any political system plays a crucial role in our education system but as per the above figures our educational process seems to be full of bluff and errors. Either the recruitment policy of teachers has flaws or the educational system is full of loop-holes. Every policy, program and scheme introduced with good intention but not enough change the scene, sometimes it does not work in same way as assumed to be happening. After the new government took in- The Education Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Naeem Akhtar has been trying to be flexible, efficient and pragmatic in his approach regarding providing a better education and recruitment to the state that is caught between devil and deep sea.

Reforms Needed

With most of the politicians having feet of clay, Naeem Akhtar has been working along with his team to meet the demands of educational sector and put it back on track. As can be summed by previous statements of the Education Minister, the conclusion can be made as, “Reform in education system is the only thing which can help easily without pressurizing or
putting any burden to the existing system and it will also improve the accountability in the system and when there will be accountability then surely there will be new development”.

By now the story is familiar, either the miss management of funds or the fraud recruitment policy of old government in this essential and basic sector has completely ruined the whole system and the challenges faced by the current government are too many. But what we can see is a ray of hope
as can be clearly seen by the recent decision of shutting down 127 schools
taken up by the education minister.

Books A Bleak Future of Government Education in India?

A die-hard Naeem Akhtar is working heart and soul to make this rotten system to work in an apple-pie order by introducing a double-mix of reforms in this system and is constantly highlighting the problems in school sector but media because of its influence and nature are having interest in
giving the solution for betterment and manipulating the viewer to promoting
privatization in education sector.

Many parents switch their mind toward the news that has been broadcasted or printed before about the inefficiency in teaching in government school, poor infrastructure. They now have come in support of Private education by making a perception that government schooling is getting poor now a days and we have to save our children’s future. That’s the scenario that has been created by previous lawmakers of Education Department in the state.

But this time Government is trying to promulgate and introduce new system of e-teaching and smart classes in government schools as well. If teachers in the department are to be believed, the Education Minister is about to introduce new techniques of teaching in government run schools including rhyme base, ppt base, Practical’s and so on. Literally, it will boost the education system of the state.

Besides working on the problems of the sector, government is also ensuring that the basic educational right stands firm and upright by providing equal opportunity to all children to get education. Each and every citizen has a right of equal opportunity to get education according to Article 16 of the Indian Constitution. It means to get the education is the primary right and
duty of the particular state but is it going to be on the basis of price and privilege? No eligibility criteria do exist, even constitution of India gives us the privileges to get the education.

Education in India A Bleak Future of Government Education in India?

We cannot say that all the government teachers are neglecting or denying teaching to the students. As we all know that system is the need and we are the part of it. If we are living in existing system, then we have to deal with it. Those who are urging or encouraging others to make a good education system have to fight against the loose system first then for other things and that is the truth of the system at the end.

There are some other program’s which were implemented for the betterment in the education sector i.e. Mid-day meal (A program- which was started to help the student have an interest in school rather than home).
With educational reforms and new recruitment policy undertaken by the current government one can hope and be in a fix that the system is definitely going to change if not cent percent but up to the extent that will allow a feasible change in future as well.

By Umer Wani

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