Apart from amazing cricketing skills, here’s a list of the 8 cricketers who are proud bling kings, with their tattoos, hairstyles, party loving and attitudes.

There used to be a time when it would have been unthinkable to come across cricketers with bizarre hairstyles, tattoos and earrings but over the years that notion has been turned into a myth as the newer generation of cricketers have taken bling to a different level altogether. This article gives you the profile of some of the 8 bling kings of world cricket at the moment.

Chris Gayle

chris gayle Eight Bling Kings of Cricket

As far as the word ‘bling’ is concerned, West Indian batting maestro is probably its personification in world cricket with his devil may care attitude, eternal smile, tattoos, chunks of jewelry and of course the tattoos. He is well and truly one of the bling kings of the modern game. Additionally, he is an excellent dancer. What more do you want from a bling king?

Michael Clarke

michael clarke Eight Bling Kings of Cricket

Michael Clarke, better known as Pup, might as well come across as a far more genial character nowadays but in his pomp he could bring the house down with his bling quotient. However, he still wears 24-carat diamond earrings, drives Ferraris, is married to a celebrity and has tattoos all over his body. Maybe captaincy has forced him to tone down a bit but the bling simply can’t be hidden.

Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan entered the hallowed group of bling kings right after his century on debut versus Australia in which he twirled his moustache like a Haryanvi tau during the celebrations. His folksy touch to the whole thing has added a new dimension without doubt. Add his designer sunglasses, quirky hairstyles and the tattoos to the mix and you would have a bling king no doubt, if not a cricket king as of this moment.

Virat Kohli

virat kohli Eight Bling Kings of Cricket
With Bollywood superstar on his arm and his own good looks, Virat Kohli has now entered the select group of those cricketers who combine bling and supreme cricketing ability. The Scorpion tattoo complementing another one that is inspired from a Japanese warrior on his forearms and the hard partying lifestyle further reinforces his charm. To go with everything, there is that attitude that screams ‘never mess with me’. He wears politically incorrect T-shirts as well once in a while.

Kevin Pietersen

kevin pietersen Eight Bling Kings of Cricket

He might have been booted out of the England team by the management but he is still considered one of the best batsmen in world cricket and the bling never really goes away. At his peak, he used to be the cricketer who could shock people with his hairstyles. However, over the years he has carried on in a far more understated fashion. The scores of tattoos on his body coupled with Oakley sunglasses and a former pop star wife has certainly kept KP in this select group without any trouble at all.

Shane Watson

shane watson Eight Bling Kings of Cricket

The Australian all rounder might not come across as one of the bling kings when he is on the field of play but off the field he is certainly one of them; his good looks adding to the bling quotient. He is married to a glamorous TV presenter, goes around in imported cars and has also posed naked for a magazine in the past that has made him one of the ‘blingiest’ cricketers in the world.

Dale Steyn

dale steyn Eight Bling Kings of Cricket

On the field of play, the South African fast bowler is a monster that is feared and loathed by most batsmen. However, off the field he is a different animal altogether. He has been in a relationship with glamorous South African model and actress Jeanne Kietzmann, uses the fastest cars much like the way he bowls and has a thing for tattoos that has made him one of the most marketable cricketers going around. According to the ones he parties with, he is known to be a brilliant dancer and can party quite hard when the mood sizes him.

Ravindra Jadeja

ravindra jadeja Eight Bling Kings of Cricket

What would you call a cricketer who rides a pet horse in his spare time or drives in an Audi from his home town to the stadium in order to play a game? Yes, a bling king. Additionally, Ravindra Jadeja is well known for his tattoos as well in addition to the earrings he wears on and off. Do not forget the hairstyles either that change frequently.

So, these are the 8 cricketers who personify in the world of cricket at this point of time, However, this is a sort of list that can change pretty quickly and in fact it is quite likely that it might change next year itself when a few bling merchants show up with something new over the course of the next few months.

By Soham Samaddar

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