Blogs have become more than a virtual space to express your opinions. If done right, blogs can earn enough money to pay the average house rent for a month. Here are some tips and tricks to earn money through your passion of blogging.

Blogging is becoming a source of income for more and more bloggers with each passing day. Whether you are looking to earn a few extra bucks a week or a huge six figure income for a full time living, blogging, being a profitable conduit, has the potential to turn your words into money. If you have just started blogging and are wondering as to how to make money with a blog, check out the four most important strategies that can turn your blog into a gold mine.

Avarice Blogging  A source of income!

Make money from your blog:  Sell Advertisements

How do you make money with a blog? Well, one of the best methods to generate income from a blog is by selling advertisements. Google’s AdSense and Chitika are the two ever escalating possibilities that aid you in earning and multiplying your money by posting ads on your blog. With all related advertisements depending on your reader’s most-viewed sites on your blog, Google’s AdSense has been one of the major sources of earnings for many successful bloggers. Moreover, it’s free and allows you to opt for ads that compliments well with the content of your blog. Chikita too has a good click through rate and harmonizes with AdSense.

How do you make money with a blog? Help in selling other’s product

Yet another method to earn money is via affiliate programs that allow your blog to act as a medium between your readers and websites offering numerous products, goods and services. Amazon Associates is one such program. If you mention a product on your blog or write a review on the same and the readers click on the affiliate link from your blog to and buy that product or another, you get paid. Besides, there are many websites that help your blog to earn a handsome income through affiliate marketing by paying you good commissions for every sale/purchase.

Make money blogging: Do Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on numerous prominent sites is one of the best ways of earning money. You may wonder how profitable it is to your own blog. Well, writing on various high end websites enhances yours and your blog’s presence. It not only builds your network but also drives huge traffic to your blog and increases the number of subscribers for your blogs. The more the presence, the more are the chances of getting a good number of clicks on your advertisements and affiliate programs. In addition, you can attract regular readers and followers in solicit contributions.

How do you make money with a blog? By marketing your own services

Blogs are an ideal podium for you to shout and raise your voice and opinion. However, never neglect their ability to create new business as well. Your blog can always be the best platform for you to get some nice business opportunities. Help your readers with opinions, strategies and your expert perspectives on issues. Make sure you comment and clear all doubts of your readers in the comment box. You’ll find how this can attribute greatly in winning you some good assignments and even form a set of clients.


The trick is to not think of your blog as a personal space where your express opinions or creative energies but as a small business. Once you see your blog as a source of income for you, you begin writing like that and doing other things which will fetch you money.

By Deepti Verma

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