What it means to be poor is known to them who in reality are poor. How are communism and poverty inter-related?

When I was a child, the sight of poor children used to make me very sad. Actually not only poor children but even their poor parents . Rather I should say poor families . It used to be a really regular phenomena for me . Of course , in India we dont need to wait to see poverty, even if you are in Delhi or Mumbai, leave aside the other interior parts . We have pockets of prosperity but as a whole we are a poor country .
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Ya, so I used to compare myself with them . I used to think how priviledged I am, and I used to think what would these poor people be thinking when they would be looking at me . Very frequently I used to harbour a certain guilt conscience because of this . I used to think: Is it that I have snatched from them resources of which they were rightful owners ? Am I the reason for the state they are in! And is this what they think about when I am in front of them.

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My mind replied in the affirmative and I convicted myself of this crime. The next question I had to answer is how do I exonerate myself of this . I found an answer to this too . I decided that when I grow up and will start earning I will donate 20% of my income to poor people . The figure of 20 had no basis, just some reasonable figure the child in me came up with .

When I look back at those days of contemplation , the erroneous analysis amuses me . What amuses me is how improper understanding of economics leads a child to become a communist .

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Karl Marx talks about two classes in the society , the owners of capital and the sellers of labour .
This differentiation of society in two groups is what his theory of Communism is based on . He tries to explain economics on the basis of interaction of these two groups .

Few questions we need to answer before proceeding:

1) Are these two sets of people really disjoint ?
2) Are these two sets of people really in-interconvertible ?

An individual can be fighting the perpetual ‘communist’ war only from one side isn’t it !!
If these two sets are not disjoint , does Marx want me to believe that there are people who are participating in this war from both sides !
If these two sets are interconvertible , does Marx want me to believe that there are people who are switching sides in this war !

Take me as an example . I am a labourer who sells my labour for money . This money which I earn is convertible in all kinds of things which Marx would want to call ‘capital’ . I can buy land , houses , shares in companies , using which I can make profits . So now, am I an exploited labourer or a capitalist who exploits ? Marx needs to answer this question !

I think for communism i mut say the proverb “HEAVEN On Earth”
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