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Posts ranging from Blouse Tailors to Car review were submitted on our community. Quite a few interesting articles trended on the community. Here are the best trending articles.

In Pursuit Of A Good Blouse Tailor

An article on Blouse Tailors and how difficult it is to find the perfect tailor. The post deals with the ordeal one has to face to get her blouse sewn and altered properly to one’s requirements. A tad humorous, this article is thoroughly enjoyable and makes for an interesting read.

Gotipua Dance

Generally when dance and Odisha comes into your mind, you think about Odishi. But there exist quite a few different dance forms in Odishi with Gotipua being one of the most interesting among them. Goti pua dance is performed by young boys after dressing up as women. The term Goti pua in Odiya means single boy. If you are interested in dance and culture then do give this article a read.

Breeze off with a BOLT!

It is a review article on the upcoming TATA Bolt car. This nicely written review of the TATA Bolt is brief but comprehensive in nature and if you are an automobile enthusiast then it is a must read for you.

How To Cook Pot Roast

If you are a fan of red meat and enjoy seeing a big chunk of thoroughly cooked red meat on your plate then this article will surely get your mouth watering. The old and delicious recipe of Pot Roast is now at your finger tips. So go ahead and pamper yourself with some delicious pot roasted read meat.

Those were the top trending posts. Do read them and many other interesting posts on our community. So keep posting and sharing your opinions on IndiaOpines.


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