Telangana has already happened.  Jharkhand, Chattisgarh & Uttrakhand have been reality since years. Should statehood be given to Bodoland and Gorkhaland?

There has been demand for statehood in BODOLAND and GORKHALAND.  Telangana has already happened.  Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, and Uttrakhand have been a reality since many years. Should statehood be given to BODO-LAND and GORKHA-LAND?

I say YES! Definitely! Why?

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First Let us look at Bodoland which is in Assam:

<1>Bodo are Hindu – living in Hindustan!

<2>BodoLand is NORTH of the Bramhaputra river.

<3> BodoLand is being invaded by illegal Bangladeshis who are killing Bodos and taking over their land.

<4> How do the B’deshis cross all of Meghalaya (200 km) without detection and also cross the more-than-mile-wide river Bramhaputra river (do they swim?) and INVADE Bodoland and kill Hindu Bodos?

Can the Bangladeshis do this without local support?

NO !

So who is giving them local support in crossing Meghalaya=200 km. Do they walk? Take a bus? Taxi? Who pays? Where do they get money?  Please think about it.

Map of Bodoland: 

bodoland map small.preview Should Statehood be Given to Bodoland and Gorkhaland?

As you can see, Bodoland is between Bhutan & Arunachal in the North and Brahmaputra river in the south.

The Bodos MUST be given statehood, so that they can live FREE and kick out the B’deshis. Bodos are as Hindu as you and me, and Karunanidhi  & Jayalalitha, and  0kram Ibobi Singh & Reishang Keishing, even though 3000 km away by road. This is Hindustan.


This is in north Bengal, east of the “chicken-neck” area bordering the northernmost border of Bangladesh which connects western Hindustan to Eastern Hindustan. They are Hindu. They are also under threat from B’deshis just like Bodos.

I have been to Darjeeling and driven bike all around the area inklooding Siliguri and saw that most lokal people speak Hindi than Bengali. So if Linguistic States is the logic then this demand appears korrekt. This Gorkhaland movement was started years ago by Subhash Ghishing (is he alive now?) and demand continues. I believe the current leader of GJM is Bimal Gurung. I have been to Nepal and Nepalese language is much more akin to Hindi than Bangla.

Gorkhaland map:

Gorkhaland map Should Statehood be Given to Bodoland and Gorkhaland?

If Gabbar Singh was alive, he would say: AB TERA KYA HOGA KAALiYA ! ! ! ! !

By: Dilip Bam

Image Source: 1, 2, 3

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