Bollywood actresses before 1940 were as bold as the current actresses. Open to intimate kisses, these beauties did not shy away unlike the 1970s actresses. Check out the bold and beautiful actresses of the olden era here

From showing flowers to flouncing in the meadows, kissing in Bollywood before the 1970s was merely an imagery. Film makers then opted props instead of showing intimacy onscreen, thanks to the censor board who laid restrictions on the intimacy scenes starting from the 1940s. However, it is fascinating to know that Bollywood in its nascent phase was not as restricted as it was in its golden stage. Joint ventures with overseas company gave Indian cinema a pinch of English taste where doses of intimate scenes were as “fine” as they are now. Surprisingly, even the actresses back then were as bold as you see now unlike the actresses of 50’s and 60’s who were reluctant to lip their locks onscreen.

Here are the famous most passionate kisses from the early decades of the 20th century

Seeta Devi kissing Charu Roy in “A Throw of Dice”

I heard Mallika Sherawat boasting that she was the first actress to kiss in India that too in the year 2003. Poor girl didn’t do her homework well before talking big as there are list of actresses in the early days of Bollywood who were ahead of their times and fairly way better than her. In the 1929 Film “A throw of Dice” directed by German director Franz Osten Stars based on the legendary Mahabharat, the film shows. Seeta Devi locking lips with Charu Roy not once but twice that too in the year 1929, Mallika what’s your take now?

Devika Rani kissing Himanshu Rai in Karma

While Aamir Khan in the current phase is known for his long kisses, there is someone from the bygone era who deserves not only a mention but also a big round of applause for her courage. Devika Rani is that one actress who dared to kiss Himanshu Rai her co-actor and director who also happened to be her husband in the year 1933 in the feature film Karma. Not one or two, the kissing, smooching act goes on for as long as four minutes. Now that is what we call Bollywood’s boldest kiss ever.

Zubeida Begum steaming up the screen with her kisses in Zarina

One of the most successful actresses of her time, Zubeida Begum was a lucky actor to have work both in silent as well as talkie movies starring right from the very first, Alam Ara. From doing mythological roles of Draupadi and Uttara, acting in hits like Laila Majnu, Zubeida Begum was that rare actresses who demanded and even got huge paychecks that were way high than the standards of actresses during that time. And then came the path breaking movie Zarina where she was seen in her tiny attire playing the volatile, vibrant circus girl and steaming up the screen with her hot kisses. Bold enough, it shook the censor board, sparking them enough to draw a line for the future.

Alam Ara Bollywood’s Boldest Kisses before 1940s

 Lalita Pawar kissing in Pati Bhakti

The name Lalita Pawar is synonymous to the vampy saas but before becoming the cruel saas in her later days, she was famous as one of the hottest Bollywood actresses of the 1920s. This list won’t be complete until I mention her kiss in the 1920s movie “Pati Bhakti”, a movie made to promote a message that every woman should be totally devoted to her husband. Wow the hot, saucy Lalita Pawar breaking the bondage and kissing on screen, what a sequence it would have been!

While, the Mallikas, Poonams, Sherlyns and Rakhis claim to break the bondage and set new trends, I sincerely request them to look back into history of Bollywood and learn the tactics of being bold from these actresses who knew exactly how to maintain their sensuality intact while being audacious at the same time.

By: Deepti Verma

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