Here we bring you some  unique ways to cut down your daily dose of cigarettes – courtesy of all  hardcore smokers including Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities who have tried these methods.

Sometimes for the sake of  bowel movement, and at times for the heck of the constant nicotine  cravings, you are still buying a pack of a smokes, ciggies or fags.  Here we bring you some  unique ways to cut down your daily dose of cigarettes – courtesy of  hardcore smokers  including celebrities who actually tried them out!

quit smoking Ways to Quit Like A Celebrity!


Electronic Cigarette ~ Preferred By Hollywood 

Johnny Depp introduced  E Cigarette in the film “The Tourist” in a scene where he smokes or rather “vapes”  while travelling in a train.


It didn’t take much time before he started using it in real life as well. The same goes for  Ketty Perry, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Titanic Hero Leonardo Di Caprio and the Twilight sensation Robert Pattinson, who have been using E Cigarette for some time  now to completely stay away from tobacco. And guess what? It has been helping them in more ways than one.

 Ways to Quit Like A Celebrity!

What is an E – Cigerette?

It is made up of three parts – atomizer, e liquid and cartridge. The e liquid is filled in the cartridge and attached to an atomizer. After the attachment, it looks like an actual cigarette. It is more or less like a mini stylish hukkah puffing  vapor, and not smoke. According to the experts, I mean chain smokers, the most effective way is to first begin with e liquid with nicotine, and then slowly shift to the ones without nicotine. This helps in getting accustomed to e-ciggie – ultimately decreasing your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly intake of tobacco. No tar, toxic fumes and foul smell is a huge health and social benefit! You could actually smoke this in a bar or restaurant!

Leo Smoking E Cigarette Ways to Quit Like A Celebrity!

Where is it Available in India?

In India, SmokeFree and Steamlite are the two most reliable websites which sell e cigarettes. Been there, done that,  and it worked for me.  Steamlite is cheaper and has black atomizers which emits blue light, making people wonder what are you puff puff puffing away! Maybe SRK can become brand ambassador for these in India and get the anti-tobacco activists of his back. 

shahrukh khan smoking Ways to Quit Like A Celebrity!

Nicorette Gum

A nicotine chewing gum, Nicorette Gum is widely used as an alternative to cigarettes. There is a higher chance of quitting cigarettes by using this gum as a crutch. With time you reduce the intake of the gum thereby slowly breaking the habit of nicotine addiction.  However, beware while you may quit smoking you might get addicted to this gum which again has nicotine in it. Jessica Simpson who never smoked throughout her life is addicted to nicorette gum.

chewing gum Ways to Quit Like A Celebrity!


The Hrithik Roshan Method

Hrithik Roshan was once a chain smoker however a book changed his life –  so much that he started gifting the book to all the chain smokers in tinsel town. The book is titled “Easy Way to Stop Smoking” written by Alan Carr. Read it, if Duggu could find away out of it, I’m sure it has valuable insight. Friend Arjun Rampal quit successfully after reading the book and following its guidelines. I would suggest Hrithik to gift it to Rani Mukherjee who smokes for  irregular bowel movement!


ashsmoking 161110 Ways to Quit Like A Celebrity!

The “Salman Khan” Method

salman khan 2 Ways to Quit Like A Celebrity!

When Hrithik gifted Alan Carr’s book to Sallu, he kept the book aside and signalled towards his head stating that it should come from within. However, post his jaw operation during the shooting of Dabbang, doctors advised the Kick star to give away smoking completely. Even after regular attempts Bhai couldn’t chuck the cancer sticks. Any guesses what he did next to keep his addiction at bay? Well, well, well, he now removes a cigarette, places it in his mouth, acts lighting it, puffs the unlit cigarette and then throws it away as if he had smoked it all. Perhaps you too can imitate Bhai’s habit, this time for a good cause. Chances are you will not only surprise yourself but bring a smile on your family and friend’s who have been passive smokers all their lives just because of you……



Image Source: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Srk , Aishwarya Rai, Salman Khan