2015 Special – Have you Joined the Book Club Started by Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook? If not, then hurry up!!!

Mark Zuckerberg is known for his offbeat New Year resolutions. Last year he decided to write one ‘Thank You’ note daily, and a year before he made it a point that he meet one new person everyday. One of his quirky new year resolution was to wear a Tie every day.

However this year Mark decided to broaden his perspective by learning more about the world, beyond his work at Facebook. So, the new year resolution of Mark Zuckerberg in 2015 is to read a book after every two weeks.

mark zuckerberg facebook book club Book Club by Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook : Have You Joined Yet?

What’s more? He wants you too join him in his challenge.

On January 3, 2015, Mark created a community on Facebook titled – ‘A Year of Books‘ and even invited his 30 million followers all around the world.

The First status update of the Group reads:

Immediately, the community got around 50,000 likes and as we write the community has 71,959 likes. 

To begin with the first book for the challenge is ‘The End of Power‘ by Moises Naim. Published in March 2013, the book talks about the the changing nature of leadership today where the former Foreign Policy editor illustrates that, ‘Power Is Decaying.’ A fascinating read, “The End of Power will change the way you read the news, the way you think about politics, and the way you look at the world.” says William Jefferson Clinton.

For a change, Facebook will be worth our Time!

Are you game?

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