One should never under estimate the Indian culture. Indian culture had hinted many a things that science discovered later.

The Indian culture is specifically known for its mythologies. Some of them indirectly represents science or technology. There is one folk –tale about a prince collecting the grains of rice fallen on the ground after the royal celebration in the state. The guests were surprised to see this unexpected action of the prince. Some of them even laughed at him. The prince replied cleverly: “ A grain of rice may be of little use individually, but collectively they can be the raw material for the preparation of someone’s food!”The event may be of less concern for an ordinary reader, but it is of greater significance for the scientists.

The power  of an atom may be least individually, but it increases greatly if the atoms are assembled systematically. The atom bomb heaved on Japan in the second world war is the evidence of this fact. America was, however (dis) credited for its invention of the first nuclear bomb of the world, the matter is not new for India. The scriptures of India have circumlocutorily mentioned such  exterminating weapons. The nuclear bomb was prepared on the formula of Dr Albert Einstein. After being succeeded in testing the nuclear weapon before its actual use, Robert Oppenheimer uttered the following words of Bhagvad Gita     : If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the Mighty One—

The sky blazes with the light of  thousand suns only when the nuclear bomb blasts.( The temperature in Hiroshima reached around 4000 degree Celsius , turning the entire city into bonfire.)

70th anniversary of the bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki 3 638 The Brahmastra  Returns As The Nuclear Weapon History Repeats Itself!!!!!

According to many scholars, the Brahmastram mentioned in the deadly wars of the Ramayana and The Mahabharata resembles to the nuclear weapon as far as its working condition and destruction capacity is concerned. The words of Robert Oppenheimer  acknowledge the  obligation of Indian culture to the world.

According to one legend, before constructing the bridge with the help of the monkeys, Lord Ram decided to dry the sea with Brahmasta. The sooner did he try to do so, Lord Sea (Samudradev)  presented himself and requested Lord Ram to change his decision. He pleaded Lord Ram to save the entire marine life from relentless destruction which this weapon would bring. Lord Ram accepted the request and diverted the weapon in another direction. According to one opinion the land where Lord Ram diverted the weapon might be the desert of Rajasthan. The matter is linked in another way.

lord rama and monkeys The Brahmastra  Returns As The Nuclear Weapon History Repeats Itself!!!!!

In few years, number of patients of cancer and other incurable diseases increased in an area almost 10 kms away from Jodhpur. The investigation proved the existence of the radio active materials in the soil of this area! So acute the effect was that the government had to cordon some part of the area and declared restricted for the human activities!(May it be a mere coincident with the legend from the Ramayan mentioned earlier?)  Minute research confirmed that nuclear material was exploded in this area before 8 to 10 thousand years. The Archeologist named Francis Taylor  decoded the  scripts written in very ancient language; on the walls of some temples.   He interpreted that it was a prayer offered by the common people to save themselves from something similar to the balloon of fire.(This can happen when nuclear explosion takes place!)

The consent to use the Brahmastra was strictly limited to a few warriors like Lord Ram, Arjuna, Drona, Bhishma or Ashwasthama. They can use it only once. Getting empowered to do so, they needed strictly dedicated practice of religion. The warrior  had to recite a secret verse, which was working as the password to activate the weapon. According to an opinion, this verse was nothing but the Gayatri mantra, recited in its regular form first time and in the reversed order  second time.( In the terminology of the meditation, first the anulom  pranayam and second the vilom  pranayam.)

gayatri mantra The Brahmastra  Returns As The Nuclear Weapon History Repeats Itself!!!!!

The excavation of twin cities of Harappa and Mohan-jo –Daro unearthed number of surprising secrets. The main objective of the entire discussion is that one should never under estimate the Indian culture.

Let’s conclude with some instances:

·         Distance between sun and earth is indirectly mentioned in Hanuman Chalisa.

·         Maharshi Shushrut was considered as the father of Plastic Surgery.

·         Dr Albert Einstein was a great appreciator of Indian culture and he could even talk in Sanskrit.

einstein The Brahmastra  Returns As The Nuclear Weapon History Repeats Itself!!!!!

By Milind Majumdar

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