Famous Bollywood beauties have started this new trend of bollyfit – changing the mantra from starved and miserable, to fit and fine!

Since time immemorial, we look up to Bollywood divas as the quintessential damsels. Where some were mesmerized by the doe eyed beauties, others would sit through a grotesque film just to watch their gracious dance moves on a larger screen.

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Well, now the dainty darlings are no more appreciated in bollyland. Times have changed, and yes, so have our lovely Bollywood babes who have also transformed with times from dainty darlings to daring divas.

madhuri bollyfit A Brand New BollyFit!

We see our favourite Bollywood beauties, start this new trend of bollyfit, and this has attracted a niche and carved out new fan following for them!

Our Bollywood divas, have gradually had a subliminal influence on their audience, and bollyfit is in! A sneek peek into one of the finest and fittest women in India that are setting the trend.

Malaika Arora Khan

She is as hardworking as she is drop dead gorgeous. Her ‘to die for physique’ comes with her ultra strict workout and hard core pilates.

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Her latest workout regime, the Bodhi suspension, is the latest trend amongst ‘Fit India’. A spectacular combination of weight and cardio training, 20 minutes of the Bodhi training, and you’re sorted for the day!

IMG 20140913 183802 A Brand New BollyFit!

Deepika Padukone

A lot of women were skeptical about doing weights. Especially women who wanted lean bodies, never touched weights more than once a week. Well, weighty issues no more, since Deepika Padukone has busted this myth! A gal doing weight training every alternate day…. Couldn’t get leaner, and yes, young India follows!

IMG 20140913 184950 A Brand New BollyFit!

Deepika Padukone Gym A Brand New BollyFit!

More than just pilates : Sophie Choudhury

Core Barre is a unique ballet inspired work out, which focuses on isolation of specific muscles. The slower the moves, the more your body aches! Core Barre works on your strength, balance and flexibility. And no wonder we had Sophie rocking the sets of Jhalak Dikhlaja this season!

sophie A Brand New BollyFit!

Of course naturally gifted dancers have their own charm, but Bollywood divas are no more relying on their natural instincts only! They’ve learnt to ‘work their way out’

Fitness Queen Bipasha Basu

Known for her fitness regimes, this gal has proved that a woman with abs is definitely hotter than someone who’s dieted it out!

21bipasha basu1 A Brand New BollyFit!

Bips has always promoted work outs for women. Not only that she has tried to bust a hell lot of myths associated with it; The most famous one being the “No Pain, No Gain” adage. She says, “It’s not at all true in case of a workout, if your body aches, it’s a signal to stop and relax!”

bipasha basu A Brand New BollyFit!

Not just for films: Sushmita Sen

Another bold bong beauty (BBB!) who has kept up her fan following , showing off her lovely carved out body. Her trainer Nupur Shikhare boasts that she works out for two hours every single day!

Secret behind Sushmita Sens workout A Brand New BollyFit!

This gorgeous bollydiva has also brought in to India a great fitness solution for people with back problems: Aerial Silk. Quoting her, “It is a combination of many things – yoga, dancing, ballet, karaipattu as a form of martial art – all of it. It gives you an experience that will not be of the monotonous ‘going-to-the-gym”.

Sushmita Sen Aerial Act A Brand New BollyFit!

This bollystar definitely never lets her fans down! Bebo!

Countless girls have always wanted a bebolicious physique! Well it doesn’t come so easy! Bebo is known in the industry to try new forms of work out to keep herself fit and fab!

kareena kapoor 6 meal diet A Brand New BollyFit!

Her latest workout fad is the wundachair! Now it is one of the most famous and recommended for the ones who want “quick workouts”.

Well, thanks to this workout regime, we saw Ileana D’Cruz (working out behind Kareena Kapoor) showing off her flat toned belly and look absolutely stunning at the Lakme Fashion Week!

Ileana DCruz A Brand New BollyFit!

Bollywood divas have time and again set a new standard for their fans. Not only are they admired for their fashion, but the latest fad seems to be in favour of the fit and fine, and not the starved and miserable!

No more do we need to look up to those ultra masculine muscled women, that claim crazy products. No more do we need to look at that gym trainer, who was once pregnant and now looks like a semi sumo wrestler.

Girls don’t look back at weight training anymore.. they look forward to it. ‘Yes if Malaika can do it and look like that, so can I!’

The era : “Oh I just signed a film so I gotta work my body as per the role” “ I need to do this bikini scene.. gotta loose all the flab!” is definitely fading away! Bollywood divas are gradually bringing in this change of always be fit and thus forever look good!

By: Medha Mukherjee

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