India is high with JNU rage, while Modi’s reaction towards it has not been seen yet. Doesn’t Modi need to un-mute himself before its too late?

One of the reasons why Krishna spoke Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna was because Arjuna being an exemplary warrior was a hero and thousands of people revered him.  In Bhagavad Gita 3.21 Krishna says, “Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues.”

bhagwad geeta Break Your Silence Modi, We Indians Desperately Want To Hear From you

People in general are innocent (or may be ignorant) and so they look to someone whom they can follow.  And if they do not find a worthy leader then they can be easily misled by motivated people towards unrighteous path.

The recent JNU crises where anti national slogans were raised demanded outright condemnation and immediate action against the culprits. But what followed was utterly shameful and disgusting. The powerful leftist media and leftist academics came in open support of those anti nationals in the garb of freedom of expression.  In many of the TV debates,  in newspaper editorials, in newspaper columns people who took pride in calling themselves as Indians, who loved their motherland and the national flag were derided and the lumpens who were calling for India’s destruction were eulogised.

However what was more painful was that the students of JNU who spoke against the anti-national and also anti-Hindu activities in JNU did not find any support from the government of the day.

JNU Anti Inida slogans Break Your Silence Modi, We Indians Desperately Want To Hear From you

Mr Narendra Modi you are the Prime Minister of India and thus the leader of this country and so everyone was eagerly looking up to you for your reaction and direction. But sadly you have not spoken on this topic yet. Yes being a PM of such a vast country like India you cannot get involved in college politics but this isn’t just a petty politics played out by some student unions.

Here the sovereignty of India is being challenged, a call is being given to disintegrate India and we Indians are not just being called murderer of terrorist Afzal Guru but are threatened of dire consequences. And all this is happening inside an Indian college campus located in New Delhi which is the capital of India. And the people who are openly supporting the anti-nationals are not insignificant people. The powerful leftist media, foreign media, leftist academicians and other enemies of our nation are defending the lawbreakers.

As the crisis unfolded the leaders of all left parties and the Congress went to JNU and addressed the students. Plethora of leftist writers, columnists, journalists have gone inside the campus voicing their opinion that shouting anti – national slogans is not a crime and those involved needs to be protected and not prosecuted.  Kanhaiya and Umar and their ilks have been made heroes by them.

release kanhaiya Break Your Silence Modi, We Indians Desperately Want To Hear From you

What happened to those JNU students who initially dared to challenge the hegemony of the left in the university and exposed the enemies of India by shooting their videos?

The news report says that the faculty members and students are supporting and protecting the accused from being arrested by the police.  In fact one of the accused Umar Khalid is trying to give it a communal colour saying that he is being targeted because he is a Muslim.

So is it that the students who initially fought against these anti nationals are now trying to protect them? Or is it that they have been threatened by mighty left to support them? Or is it because of lack of support from the government they have given up the will to fight and decided to remain quiet? They are students too and they will be worried about their exam scores, PhD degrees and job, they cannot go against the faculty members as it will ruin their future.

Majority of the students join the institution for bright future and do not care much about the politics. And moreover they will not risk their future even in supporting a noble cause if they find that they do not have any worthy support to rely on.

But at this time if you would have spared couple of hours and travelled to JNU to address the students telling them the importance of being a patriot and assuring them that the entire country is with them then it would have given a morale boost to the majority of students who I believe love India like millions of other Indians.

On the occasion of teachers’ day you speak to lakhs of school students in India. Similarly, through the students of JNU you could have addressed lakhs of college students all over India.

Yes your attempt to address the students in JNU would have been fiercely protested by leftist student unions and academicians in JNU. The champions of freedom of speech would have made all attempts to not allow you to speak, they would have not allowed you to enter the campus and if you would have succeeded to enter then during your speech they would have shouted inflammatory slogans. But this would have totally exposed them and most importantly the patriots in JNU would have got a powerful voice.

Since you have chosen not to speak so that space has been taken by some lawless lawyers and law makers. And by their activities they are shaming all the nationalists.

patialahousecourt Break Your Silence Modi, We Indians Desperately Want To Hear From you

Still there is time Mr Modi, please speak up, we desperately want to hear you. Your silence is doing a great harm to a great cause. To establish dharma Arjuna eliminated all unrighteous people in the fierce battle of Kurushetra. You too can help establish raj dharma my eliminating the enemies of the nation by using the “weapon of words”. Words are extremely powerful and this is why Bhagavad Gita which was spoken thousands of years ago still continues to guide the life of thousands of people all over the world.


By Purushottam Kumar


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