All you wanted to know about the plans and future of BRICS – An association formed by Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa!

 BRICS today is a reality, despite contradictions among its partners, some even irreconcilable in the present International scenario! After its inception, it has become powerful economically, at least in its projection, even though it failed to help each other in one of the longest recession.

Politically it has failed so far to project its might vis-à-vis US and its allies due some of its member’s weaknesses towards the USA, especially from India and partially by South Africa. Another 3 countries have shown their resilience for independent Sovereign policy, like Brazil, who is part of UNASUR, showed its anger against the USA PRISM, the criminal spying when its President rebuffed Obama openly.


On the contrary, India reacted with its tail in its back! Russia is just short of declaring war against USA/NATO sponsored terrorism by Ukraine! China is either too cool or shrewdest partner, of all who is spreading its wing for more share of the world market!!


BRIC was formed on 16 June, 2009 and once South Africa joined in 2010, it became BRICS! Its combined population is 3 Billion and holds approximately 20 trillion dollars’ worth GDP!Since its inception, BRICS has marched forward economically and politically though its political power is undermined by Indian Governments’ covert and overt support of US and allies.

Not only GOI supports US and its criminal spying PRISM, but even, Narendra Modi, PM called Snowden a traitor! Left parties did oppose PRISM, but only to log their opposition to the USA imperialism and never criticised GOI for denying asylum to Snowden. Only party to support Snowden was AAP and Arvind Kejriwal!


When I talked about the International situation above, it meant a strong unipolar world, though there are contradiction in its unity and which is widening, but it is fact that to oppose US and its allies militarily, no one yet dares. Syria is the latest example, after Libya where US and allies were about to declare war openly, but diplomacy of Russia, China, Iran and due its own vulnerability and opposition by the world citizens deterred the war!

Biggest chink in US/NATO allies surfaced over Ukraine where Germany and France preferred to continue bilateral trade with Russia, rather join US’s sponsored sanctions against Russia! Are these signs of US Empire crumbling?


It would not be out of context to mention that the world citizens are more conscious today politically than ever in the recent past due the longest recession in its history of 200 years! Workers, peasants, common man from EU, US, UNASUR, many countries of Asia led by Bangladesh and even some AU have been rising more than economical demand than for political goal, even asking for their right in governance!

The last part is evident by the implementation of SC’s verdict against convicted law makers in India due people’s resistance against its liquidation! Coming back to BRICS, we must see its gains in recent past to understand its value in global politics!

From BRICS Information Centre:-

While the concept “BRICS” was first created by Jim O’Neill Goldman Sachs to refer to the investment opportunities of the rising emerging economies, the leaders’ meetings transcend the financial context to embrace a wide range of summit-level issues relating to global governance, such as development, peace and security, energy and climate change, and social issues.

This speaks volume of its march forward from simple economic forum to a formidable political entity! Economically, aim to have a development bank worth more than 4.5 trillion USD is a landmark outside World and Asian bank, which concerns us! Now they succeeded in forming 100 Billion USD worth Development Bank and same amount of Currency Reserve in 2014 BRICS meet in Brazil!!

BRICS assertion on International arena could have been more assertive on grounding of Bolivian airplane carrying President on suspicion of carrying Snowden but it chose to maintain silence, though Brazil part of UNASUR was vocal and joined its brother nations to denounce US and its hegemonic policy.

Media Note on the Meeting of BRICS, 2013 Foreign Ministers

 On September 26, 2013, in New York foreign minister issued a communique for Syrian peace, Middle East peace process, Cyber Security in the back drop of Snowden’s exposure of NSA of US. Yes the entire communique sounded like that of some NGO’s statement, yet as far as BRICS was concerned there was some progress!

BRICS 2013 PTI BRICS   A New Era!

BRICS Own Internet

Meanwhile, BRICS companies are working to create a “New Internet“.

In particular, Brazil has been reported to be building a “BRICS cable” that will create an independent link between Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Russia, in order to bypass NSA cables and avoid being spied.

The cable is set to go from the Brazilian town of Fortaleza to the Russian town of Vladivostok via Cape Town, Chennai and Shantou.

The length of the fibre-optic cable will be almost 35,000 kilometres, making it one of the most ambitious underwater telecom projects ever attempted.

Earlier, most of the BRICS countries joined talks to hammer out a UN resolution that would condemn “indiscriminate” and “extra-territorial” surveillance, and ensure “independent oversight” of electronic monitoring.


Will Indian Government of Congress or BJP follow? It’s doubtful, but people’s unity for an independent foreign policy may force it to do so! Was there any talk on this issue in today’s BRICS meet, 2014?

Recent incidents of Crimea referendum to secede from Ukraine and join Russia was the biggest event on an international level in recent times, where the USA and the allied sanctioned Russia on many fronts including throwing it out of G-20! India supported Russia, may be due its past of merging Sikkim into itself, though on different ground, but it’s a very positive move towards strengthening BRICS and re-creation of bi-polar world!

Incidentally, this Crimea incident has started beginning of a new world order that is the end of uni-polar to bi-polar or even the multi polar world. Here Russia seems to be more inclined to China and less to India due latter’s economic weakness and foreign policy. We need to be with Russia to hope for a better future for ourselves and BRICS.


Economic plan of BRICS is clear, which is to participate vigorously in redistribution in the world market. This is evident by Chinese “intrusion” in African market followed by India, Brazil where USA, France and other European countries are finding it difficult to maintain their earlier level of profit even militarily.

Russia after disintegration of the USSR is trying to recover some of its lost glory, which again is very difficult due to its internal problem of unemployment, racists view against settlers, undemocratic laws against its own populations, etc., and it effects on its foreign policy with multiplied force, though Russians are more united presently with their government on Ukraine issue!

brics future BRICS   A New Era!

The USA and allies are aware of the pressure of BRICS economically, but the longest recession and their internal fight for share in the world market with their own EU partners has weakened them enough and cannot stop the other international players.

It will not be wrong to say that the members of BRICS, who individually failed to garner market, are united to assert their capabilities to produce commodities, finance capital and sell it in the established Imperialists’ den!

Economy is base of Politics and as we have seen above, BRICS though weak politically, but has started asserting its presence at various forums. Syria is the example, where its interference was must to break US and allies grand strategy of capturing the entire oil producing Middle East and Arab countries.

The Final Say –

Finally, I must not lengthen this article, but still say that the economic base of BRICS will also usher a new cultural and social base of its countries and will positively affect their political and military strength and global reach. Hope India after new government will have some pride in itself and will be able to assert her sovereignty and better economy like China and make BRICS stronger and not far behind G8 and G20!

People of India, especially youths, are not much interested in international affairs, let alone be BRICS. However, many young men, whom I came across, while canvassing in the election and now, were not only aware of the existence of BRICS but also very hopeful of its future and showed their desire to take Iran in its fold!!

By: K K Singh

Image Source: BRICS, BRICS-2013, The BRICS, Internet, Future of BRICS

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