Jan Lokpal Bill was promised by Kejriwal ahead of elections but it never got implemented. Wasn’t this a con ‘aam janata’ and win election?

It is a common bluff for Political Parties to promise the moon during elections but never fulfill it once in power.

broken jan lokpal bill The Broken JanLokPal Bill

Both PM Modi and CM-Delhi Arvind Kejriwal are completing one year in power – they both benefitted from the Jan Lokpal Movement.

The broken JanLokPal team

The original AAP team who drafted the 2014 Lokpal stands broken with several expelled with no clear reason. Rest are honestly following the high command. Millions inside and outside AAP are divided on this issue. Arvind Kejriwal claims today that his Lokpal -2015 new version is the best.


Five member team was fixed in Ramlila Maidan to guide and draft Lokpal bill based on People`s input.

After recent Delhi State elections the “First Wise Man” Arvind Kejriwal has ditched this original group of five.

2014 lokpal bill The Broken JanLokPal Bill

A dream was born in Ramlila Maidan.

The dream of corruption free India emerged. This dream was given a shape of a draft which was named Janlokpal Bill.

People slogged day and night. Millions agitated on the streets demanding that Central Government make Janlokpal into a law. When government turned a deaf ear and challenged the activists to come to power and implement the JanLokpal bill, a Political Party was born out of this Movement – the Aam Aadmi Party.

People of Delhi gave all their support and love to the Party that was formed on the promise of Jan Lokpal.

Arvind Kejriwal got promoted as a Chief Minister.

arvind kejriwal The Broken JanLokPal Bill

In 2014, when Mr. Kejriwal was stopped from tabling and passing Janlokpal Bill, he resigned as CM-Delhi. He stated that he can and will sacrifice hundreds of such posts(CM-Delhi) for this people`s bill.

Why a `Nakli`- Fake Janlokpal now in 2015 ?

As soon as Kejriwal became CM, the JanLokpal for which, he had been ready to sacrifice the CM`s post hundred times, was completely changed after a deliberate excuse with a delay.

Several clause and provision that made JanLokPal independent and effective were removed. All the promises that he himself had made at Ramleela Maidan were broken.

Sad Lokpal Process today is reduced to a Joke. Neta+ Salesmen is IN while Aam Aadmi  stands OUT.

neta out aam aadmi in The Broken JanLokPal Bill

On recent approval of Arvind Kejriwal`s revised Lokpal Bill-2015 a section of AAP supporters distributed sweets and danced.

See the videos and please decide.

Who is cheating the public here ?


Video of Santosh Hegde on 2015 Delhi Janlokpal Bill


Video of Google Hangout with Prashant Bhushan on 2015 Delhi Janlokpal Bill

Video of Anna demanding 2014 JanLokpal Bill

Today, once again, a lie, deceit and power appear dwelling in palaces while modest truth struggles on streets.

Reverse engineering needs essential links of Original Jan Lokpal -again?

We all know that truth can be blocked for a period but never defeated.

Prashant Bhushan Swaraj Abhiyan puts it simple – “Soldiers of Janlokpal Movement will again have to come together for fight against Corruption. Once again we will have to light this torch and march ahead.”

Janlokpal needs Public attention.

Law , Locals and Lawmakers all need a fresh start with no compromise.

By Rakesh Manchanda

Images were attached by the author himself.

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