When Bruce Jenner’s mother heard about him transforming into Caitlyn Jenner – the first thing that came in her mind was “Is this all about making money?”

The Jenner and the Kardashian families have never been cautious and shy when it comes to exposing every moment of their life for money on TV. So, when 89-year-old Esther, Bruce Jenner’s mother heard about him transforming into Caitlyn Jenner – the first thing that came in her mind was “Is this all about making money?

bruce jenner caitlyn jenner photos Bruce Jenner Seeks Limelight as Caitlyn Jenner

This question weighed heavily on Esther because ever since her son Bruce married Kris Jenner (Kim Kardashian’s mother), his third wife, their lifestyle was only, and all about money. Though Caitlyn Jenner insists that her 10-hour facial feminization surgery and 36D breast implant surgery is not orchestrated to make headlines for money, she does admit that she has got a business head which is essential to pay the bills.

caitlyn jenner for vanity fair Bruce Jenner Seeks Limelight as Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Jenner Gets All the Limelight as Caitlyn Jenner

The news that Caitlyn Jenner will appear on an 8 part documentary series on E! where the camera will follow her life as a transgender makes one wonder whether the transition from man to woman was really for the sake of fame, money and publicity? Nevertheless, the interview which Jenner gave post her surgery garnered 16.9 million viewers. Her photo shoot with Vanity Fair by Annie Leibovitz and interview with Buzz Bissinger is also breaking the Internet.

What’s more, she even broke the record of Barack Obama by crossing 1 million followers on Twitter in just 4 hours.

Bruce is not the only one, in fact, each member of her family has done anything and everything for fame and money. Let’s start with his ex-wife

Kris Jenner

Bruce Jenner’s ex-wife Kris Jenner can do anything for money and to keep up the reality show – Keep Up With The Kardashians. She even made her sex video with husband Bruce, and leaked it on her own to gain popularity but kept on insisting that someone is threatening to release her “sex video”. It was also rumored that she had shot a sex video with her late husband Robert Kardashian (famous for being the lawyer of O J Simpson).

Kris Jenner bruce jenner wife Bruce Jenner Seeks Limelight as Caitlyn Jenner

Kris can do anything to keep the show “Keep Up With The Kardashians” running – Then whether it is telling her daughters to make sex tapes or pose nude for any magazine. It is highly believed that the sex tape of Kim Kardashian with Ray J was scripted by Kris to make the family popular. The entire family is known for using “scandals” to build an empire.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian first became popular as a friend of Paris Hilton, and soon she was in the news for her sex tape which she had shot with her boyfriend Ray J. This X rated video was first leaked onto the Internet and later released as a DVD titled Kim Kardashian: Superstar. It is believed that in 2007, Ray J sold the sex tape to Vivid Entertainment for $1 million. Kim then sued the company for having ownership of the footage but later she settled with $5 million which was given to her by the company.

kim kardashian Bruce Jenner Seeks Limelight as Caitlyn Jenner

Sources claim the entire sex tape was planned by Kim’s mother for both, publicity stunt and money.

Moreover, Kim time and again goes semi-nude and nude for various magazines. The recent “Break The Internet” photo shoot which she did for Australia’s paper magazine is one such example. What’s more, Kim is not the only one who is going nude and topless for money, she is inspiring her sisters too do so. Her sisters, both with the last name Jenner and Kardashian too has joined the trend of going topless and naked.

Kim Kardashian Paper Mag Bruce Jenner Seeks Limelight as Caitlyn Jenner

Bruce Daughters and Kim’s sisters Went Nude Several Times for Publicity and Money

In the year 2008, Kim’s younger sister Khloe shot for PETA’s “Fur? I’d rather go Naked”campaign. Later, a pregnant Kourtney Kardashian posed naked and showed off her baby bump for the cover of yet another magazine DuJour. She posed in various styles. What’s more, 19-year-old Kendall Jenner went topless for LOVE Magazine. It was the same magazine where Kim exposed her butts and breasts.

kourtney kardashian calabasas house  Bruce Jenner Seeks Limelight as Caitlyn Jenner

kendall jenner Bruce Jenner Seeks Limelight as Caitlyn Jenner

And if that was not enough, Bruce Jenner transformed himself into a woman – Perhaps, seeking limelight is in the genes of the Jenner and the Kardashians…

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