No matter what, we can’t beat death. Why not live before we die? Get your bucket list ready and start crossing off one after another.

Most of us tend to die emotionally much before our physical death. Death, you know, sooner or later, would embrace us. Why not surrender in satiety than discontentment? Why not gift ourselves with a death free of ‘Wish-I-Could’? Why not scribe the smallest of our dreams and start crossing off one after other? Yes, you guessed it right. I undoubtedly meant of bucket list. So, gear up and get yourself one right away. You need not do it gingerly. Come on! It is quite unlike of the rule-bound exams. You just got to dress up your dreams in ‘words’. That’s all it demands.

Below enlisted are the few imperative ‘verbs’ your bucket must get its fill with. However, you have all liberty to be dismissive towards it, if not goes well with your penchant.

  1. Surrender yourself, even if you aren’t a reader, to some books

Agreed that not everybody can fare along with those fat books which some are always found reading, but being a reader, even if not avid, is altogether a different experience. Not that you are required to dwell in the world full of books but tour to some exclusive corners of this world is quintessential for your mind.

booksmakeyoumove Bucket List Before You Die Young

  1. Develop philia towards your phobias

We all fail to muster enough courage to shake off our fears. Some, who are water-phobic, cringe the moment they are asked to wade against waves, while some find themselves darn nervous in socializing with people around. Different people recoil in different states. Let your fears be outplayed before death outplays you.

confront and overcome your fears and phobias Bucket List Before You Die Young

  1. Take a trip where the only companion is your own shadow

Solo traveling is not everyone fond of. But, a solo trip once in a lifetime is a doorway to inner self. We, entangled in the daily hullaballoos of our life, hardly get time to discover ourselves. Solo trips are the times when you find yourself nearest to self. That is how you grow as a person, not an employee or a father or a mother and all that jazz.

solo trips Bucket List Before You Die Young

  1. Do something out of selflessness and not money

It is ‘money’ which keep us passing through the drudgery of our jobs. It is our selfish need for wealth that gets us going. On the contrary, anything unpaid, even if for a good cause, never buys our attention. Only if we knew that every reward doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘cheque’. Volunteer for any social organization and earn inner peace on seeing twinkling smiles upon the gloomy and underprivileged faces.

volunteer for good cause Bucket List Before You Die Young

  1. Go bonkers! Break rules!

Life demands discipline but indiscipline too. Your excessive decency should not take a toll on the minimum fun of your life, after all. Hence, break some rules and fetch yourself that immoral fun. Come on! What’s the fun in disciplined fun?

rules break Bucket List Before You Die Young

By Prerna Daga

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