Don’t you get irked by Bulbul’s constant crying? Don’t you feel the character Bulbul played by Mrunal Thakur is becoming monotonous in Kumkum Bhagya?

When Kumkum Bhagya started, Bulbul was the most happening character. A happy go lucky girl, it was always a pleasure to watch this cheerful daughter of the Arora house. However, ever since her sister Pragya married Abhi, the rockstar, and she realized the reason why he married her, she became a depressing character.

bulbul kumkum bhagya mrunal thakur Why Is Bulbul Becoming Monotonous in Kumkum Bhagya?

Her face these days are full of glycerin. No wonder, she has become dull, boring as well as annoying – urging us to change the channel every time she appears on screen.

She Keeps on Blaming Herself for All the Problems

No matter what the problem is, she blames herself. If Suresh creates a scene – she blames herself, if Alia makes a plan – she blames herself, If Tanu tries to snatch Abhi from Pragya – she blames herself, If Sarla, her mother gets heartache – she blames herself. This, attitude of ‘I’m the Problem Maker’ is making her too overcast.

kumkum bhagya bulbul so sad pic Why Is Bulbul Becoming Monotonous in Kumkum Bhagya?

She was expected to be brave and bold, wasn’t she? Then how come the writers are giving all the sad scenes only to her? Wasn’t she supposed to be a joyful character of Kumkum Bhagya?

Bulbul Acts Stupid Too At Times

Bulbul always wanted to marry Purab. However, when everything went in her favor, she put a strange clause in front of Purab – “We won’t get engaged until we bring Abhi and Pragya close to each other.” Now, this may sound “how sweet” for few, but trust me this only adds to the woes of TV Audience. The reason? Well, it further drags the serial like a chewing gum, and we get to see over acting of the actors.

bulbul purab kumkum bhagya Why Is Bulbul Becoming Monotonous in Kumkum Bhagya?

Her Stupidity Crossed Heights in the Ongoing Kidnapping Track

The moment Pragya got kidnapped, Bulbul started the drama of blaming herself once again – forgetting the fact that, it was Pragya’s plan to play the game, and not hers. Next, when she overheard Purab and Abhi’s conversation that the kidnappers kidnapped Pragya instead of her, Bulbul’s stupidity crossed all levels. Instead of talking calmly and planning right thing, she started throwing tantrums by declaring she would go and meet the kidnappers.

kumkum bhagya bulbul arora Why Is Bulbul Becoming Monotonous in Kumkum Bhagya?

Did you see how she threatened to go to the kidnappers without listening to Purab? Didn’t the whole scene bother you, I mean irritate you?

…And Then She Reached the Kidnapping Spot

In spite of Purab’s warning and request, she reached the spot of kidnapping by following Purab. When Purab caught her snooping behind a car, she said she is worried about her sister and jijaji. Next, she started her rambling, saying she wants to get inside the factory to save her sister and jijaji. Her 5 minutes of dialogues urging to go inside to search her sister and jijaji is so annoying that you literally feel like slapping Bulbul to make her shut her mouth.

bulbul kumkum bhagya crying Why Is Bulbul Becoming Monotonous in Kumkum Bhagya?

But then she has her Purab who calms her down by his talks.

Again this whole drama of Bulbul shouting, Purab calming her and they both hugging has become too monotonous for us to grab, on a daily basis.

bulbul purab hug kumkum bhagya Why Is Bulbul Becoming Monotonous in Kumkum Bhagya?

We hope the writers add some meat in Bulbul’s role and transform her back to her original self. We are already bored of watching a depressed Bulbul with those glycerin and repetitive dialogues. We would rather watch Pragya and Abhi fighting, than Bulbul shedding her crocodile tears all the time…

What are your thoughts?


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