Facebook, Apple pay for egg freezing, sperm donors

Knock knock.

Just a minute.

Who is it.


Had a meeting today. They are considering me for a promotion.

That’s great. How soon?

Immediate effect. Involves some traveling. Few weeks at a time.

That’s OK. We can manage.

career woman egg freezing Of Career Women, Egg Freezing & Tech Giants...

Knock Knock.

Can you wait.

Who is it?

You were saying something.

Amma called. She wants to visit.


You always have a problem.

Did I say anything.

That’s the problem.

You know how it turns out. Same old same old.

But what’s the problem? Its been four years.

You know everything.

We will manage.

You always say that.

I mean it. And Amma can help.

Please don’t start.

OK. We will call your mom. Happy?

Knock knock.

No answer.

What’s the worry? We have our papers.

Even so.

And I can still work. Makes no difference.

But these things are complicated. And we may have to leave the country anytime.

Don’t worry. We will manage.

Look who’s talking this time.


You don’t know these immigration guys. Let’s wait.

Egg freezing delaying motherhood Of Career Women, Egg Freezing & Tech Giants...

Knock knock.

It (Egg Freezing) costs a lot of money.

Which we have.

Not to squander though.

What do you mean? Is it not important?

You confuse me.

I mean I am not growing any younger.

Precisely. Why wait then?

I cannot afford to give up at this time. I am at a very important point at work. And they are covering the costs. We may have to pay some.

What is the success rate.

Good, they say.

I don’t have a lot of understanding about this. It’s your take.

Knock knock. Knock….are you even listening? Do I have a say at all?

EGG FREEZING FACEBOOK APPLE CAREER WOMEN Of Career Women, Egg Freezing & Tech Giants...

This was the third round.

How many more are left in the freezer? What does the doctor say?

What will he say? He is always hopeful.

What’s the age limit for adoption?

Knock knock. Knock knock.

You there sweetheart.

Sorry we didn’t have the time to answer your call.

We need you more than ever.

You there. We will give up everything for you.

Promise…..knock knock..

By: Manasi Gandhi

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