Cascamorras is relished as ‘grease’ festival in Spain. Spain unfolds umpteen festivals and ‘Cascamorras’ is one of them, celebrated every september.

The movie ‘Zindagi Na Milegi dobara’ had fired up every travel buff to embody ‘Spain’ in their travel-diary. Spain, the ‘dream’ destination, unrolls fiestas through out the year. What movie ‘ZNMD’ depicted unleashed just an iota of our excitement, Spain has very many to tempt us more.

The month of September is on and every September revels ‘Cascamorras’ festival in Spain. The town of Baza and Guadix, in fusion, have a ball playing in the ‘grease’ and ‘rubbles’. Yes, you read it right, grease it is.

Cascamorras The Grease Festival In Spain Is Like Black Holi Of India


The Evolution of ‘Cascamorras’

Every fiesta rolls one back to the times that actually evoked the times, times of festivity, now. Ages back in 1490, there stood a Mozarbiac chapel on the land of ‘Baza’, which got set to be demolished and replaced by the church called Iglesia de la Merced. One of the worker from another town Guadix, named Cascamorras,while trembling the old structure discovered a buried statue of  Virgen de la Piedad. But this discovery arose conflict between the two towns, for both wanted its possession. The gist of the issue was that the sculpture belonged to Baza people whilst the discoverer was from guadix. And hence followed the intervention of the court of those times, which decreed statue’s restoration in Baza, for it was Baza’s property.

Virgen de la Piedad The Grease Festival In Spain Is Like Black Holi Of India


What is the fiesta all about?

Cascamorras Fetival The Grease Festival In Spain Is Like Black Holi Of India

Revellers covered in grease take part in the annual ‘Cascamorras’ festival in Baza, southern Spain, September 6, 2007. The festival was inspired by the dispute between the villages of Baza and Guadix over the possession of the image of the Virgin of Piedad. The Cascamorras refers to representatives from Guadix who are sent to the town of Baza to recover the statue. As the Cascamorras have to stay perfectly clean to gain possession of the statue, Baza residents attempt to make them as ‘dirty’ as possible. REUTERS/Marcelo del Pozo (SPAIN)

The fiesta features a playful tug of war between the towns to grab a hold on the scuulpture of Virgin. This age-old anecdote has bessed the folks with a merry-making excuse to get themselves sleazily blackened. The party persits for a span of three days starting from September 6th. Folks of Guadix disguise themselves in black grease imitating the protagonist ‘Cascamorras’ and head towards the 3-km-away ‘baza’. All the endeavours are put forward by the Guadix people to recapture the statue and traverse back to Guadix on third day. Bazi folks charge the Guadix residents with penalties on failure.

The Fiesta de Cascamorras The Grease Festival In Spain Is Like Black Holi Of India

By Prerna Daga

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