Is it fair that the CBSE is implementing a dress code for students? Even if it is under the pretext of preventing cheating?

It seems the CBSE is taking up the role of the great Indian daily soaps to increase their TRPs by launching ridiculous rules. Without using manual and technical power, the board is ordering people to govern by their rules which state new dress code for pre-medical tests in India that bans the Islamic headscarf or hijab to avoid cheating and has been criticized as a threat to the future of female Muslims students in the Indian subcontinent.

Hijab Should CBSE Implement Dress Code for Students?

It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever because if the turbans of Sikh boys can be examined then why can’t the same be done in case of hijab’s of girls before letting entry into the examination hall? CBSE’s website provides a check box during hall-card download where one MUST choose a dress code.

Does this mean in coming years CBSE will ask girls to show up in lingerie giving a cheating propaganda? For any Muslim girl, the hijab is not just any piece of cloth, it covers the area which shouldn’t be exposed as per their faith. With any individual the comfortable body showing ratio is the a very personal topic and none have the right to impose it. Using such ways to prevent cheating during exams is definitely a no-brainer, if the Board is so concerned about the Hijab, it should instead appoint ladies who can do a proper checking.

students at exam Should CBSE Implement Dress Code for Students?


A file photo of students coming out after taking the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) at the Kerala School in New Delhi. (Sushil Kumar/ HT Photo)


Not just the girls wearing Hijab but also those without one and even boys should go under this process and their turbans should be checked by male staff. This is similar to the way checking is carried out with detectors and manually internationally. It would require more staff members and help of technical machines but it will not just be safe from religious point of view but also make cheating even harder. How difficult is it to launch a rule without hurting others sentiments? And if CBSE department is so incompetent to make such arrangements then the authorities do not serve their position very well and the Board needs a makeover.

AIPMT 2015 dress code Should CBSE Implement Dress Code for Students?


On one hand, we are trying our best to mobilize the country by not bringing up topics like criticism of women clothing however, on the contrary, the CBSE department which is the base of education in the largest democracy is banning hijabs. This will impact the understanding of little kids studying in school that wearing hijab is nonsense and an offense! Finally, to conclude this, I expect CBSE to understand that they are in supreme power of educational system and must therefore take decent steps and release rules which do not question the secularism of India and its citizens.

By Sanchita Dwivedi 

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