Recently in my email I saw a post that has been floating around on Manik Sarkar. Here is the write up on him in the same post as shown in Italics and Bold below and I quote

1x1.trans Celebrating Poverty and Farce

“India’s Poorest Chief Minister: Mr Manik Sarkar

Of many honest persons I am writing today about Mr Manik Sarkar, Chief Minister, Tripura.

He has been elected consecutively for fourth term as Chief Minister. First some facts about this great person.

1. He is the poorest but Purest Chief Minister of India.
2. He has been elected as chief minister consecutively for fourth term
3. He doesn’t own a home;
4. His bank balance is Rs. 6500/-
5. He donates all his salary to CPI (M), and party gives him sustenance allowance of Rs 5000/- month.
6. His wife never uses official vehicle and can very easily be seen on Rickshaw in Agartala.
7. Even his worst opponents admit that Manik Sarkar is an impeccably honest man, certainly a rare variety among politicians today.”

Lets take this one step further

What if he only had a hundred rupees in his bank and one loin cloth as his ward-robe – would be admire him even more ??

This has got to be a joke of some sort – “His bank balance is Rs 6500 and that he donates all his salary to CPI(M) and that he gets a sustenance allowance of Rs. 5000 per month. “- this must have been a post for the naïve sort – those who will believe what they read. Or maybe this was a post directly from the cadres of CPI(M). I can believe that – only they could come up with such gibberish.

btw, Chandan Basu – who is Chandan Basu ? He is the son of the previous CM of West Bengal Sri Jyoti Basu – and no he does not have Rs 6500 in his bank balance. Rather he has committed scams worth crores, escaped duties on fancy cars and so on. What happened to the next generation, I wonder ??

Celebrating Poverty

Why is it that we want our leaders to be poor – which is somewhat synonymous with “un-accomplished”. Why cant we have first generation leaders who have made it successful in the corporate world and are now seeking to do service to the society by joining politics and the parliament. Why don’t people like Nilekani and Murty fight elections ? They should . Else what we will have (and do have) is a bunch of crooks with no sense for statesmanship or reforms claiming to be poor and with all their wealth in black – is this what we want.

Image Source: IANS