Every time a scam is exposed out, either of the parties adjourn the parliament session. Isn’t such treatment disrupting democracy? And it is indeed tolerant

In democratic set up of government particularly in Parliamentary form of democracy, floor of the Parliament is the supreme place to solve the problem of the citizens. Members of the Parliament are accountable to the people of India. But unfortunately since last few years our politicians have tried to make the Parliament their hostage on each silly event. They are reluctant to debate & discussions which is the essence of any healthy democracy. National Interest is jeopardized to keep the individual interest above the Nation.

RIP Democracy Cemented Structure With No Value Is Indian Parliament

If we analyse the current session of Parliament itself, we find that hardly a few hours of business-hours are spent in both the houses of Parliament, barely on the plea of National Herald episode. Can we accept the interest of two congress leaders above the National interest? But all the political parties are on the same boat. BJP had done the same thing when they were in the opposition.Time has ripped, when they should take oath along with constitutional oath of post itself that they would not disrupt the proceeding of Parliaments.

In democracy, divergent opinions are placed before the Parliament. They are discussed & debated to converge on a common point best for the Nation. Necessary amendment, if needed, should be made in the constitution to minimize/eliminate parliament disruption. Lately it has been revealed that Congress & other opposition parties have agreed to run the Parliament smoothly although barely two or three days have been left to the session, to come to an end.

democracy Cemented Structure With No Value Is Indian Parliament
Yesterday itself Nirbhaya rapist & killer had been set free. It is reported that he was the most creepy at the time of that ugly event. Other culprits have got capital punishment but this gentle man has been set free in the name of Juvenile justice, albeit he was young enough to commit heinous double crime. The bill is pending in the upper house of the Parliament to change the age limit of juvenile. Had our beloved politicians took pain to pass the bill, perhaps that curse of the society would not have been set free. Can any politician take guarantee that the ‘RAKCHAS’ so released, will not harm again to our sister & mother?

There are a lot of problems we are facing. Corruption of icons of the society is appearing in the daily news. Sometimes it is VYAPAM, Lalit scandal, Vadhera or Sonia/Rahul or DDCA. Health, sanitation, education on the social sector & industrial development, diminishing export, synchronizing of employment opportunities, terrorism, etc are proved to be graveyard for the common people of the country. The heat of the fire is not reaching to the politicians as they have been insulated by themselves. Game of power is moving in a circular path, so they seem to be enemy to each other in public domain, contrary to the truth.

Poor farmers Cemented Structure With No Value Is Indian Parliament

Farmers all along have been kept at bay although during the time of election all politicians try to prove themselves as Good Samaritan. We can take the example of Bundelkhand .Recent report from Bundelkhand is most alarming. A survey conducted by Swaraj Avian under the leadership of Yogender Yadav, found evidence of famine like conditions developing in the area. To illustrate, they reported that 38% of the sample villages reported at least one death due to starvation or malnutrition in the preceding eight months. They have found several social demoralizing factors. This crisis of survival has reached in Utter Pradesh due to failure of implantation of National Food Security Act.

On the one hand in Bihar, even affluent classes have been covered in this Act on the other side, UP had failed to provide food grains even to the starving person. Can it not be debated in Parliament? There are many problems common men are facing & most of them can be solved by the government.

Let the common men exert pressure to the politicians to do the business for which the have been elected otherwise, let them leave the chair. This is the high time that these politicians should either act or  leave, only then we can survive.

In eighteenth & nineteenth century people of this country came on the road and thereby, we gained independence. We got political independence. But we need social & economic independence. Can we achieve it? Yes we can subject to the condition that we should make our political master responsible.

Juvenile Justice SYSTEM Cemented Structure With No Value Is Indian Parliament

How amazing is that a boy of 16/17/18 years or so become fertile for sex & commit murder but they would not get punishment in the name of juvenile. Farmers are dying but nobody is there to look them. We are on the lowest of the echelon on all the parameters of social living factors but the same will not be debated. But Sonia & Rahul corruption is found suitable for making the Parliament hostage. Who have empowered them to waste the public money? They will have to explain. Let them think before they become fossils.
By Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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