The Central government is going to complete one year in office. The media, political parties & the people at large have started evaluating its performance

The Narendra Modi government is going to complete one year in office. The media, political parties & the people at large have started evaluating its performance. The government also will present its report card on its anniversary. As usual, the party in power shoes, will insert only golden portion of the activities not the wrong side of it.

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It is customary to all political party in power to add all beautiful feathers in its cap pertaining to its performance at the time of preparing report card. As such self-appraisal of Modi government seems will not be new & it will be as it should be. Same is the case with opposition, as they will only talk about the government’s failure not their achievement. 

In fact a healthy critic, incorporates both good & bad performance in report card. 

A sensitive government honestly collects all evaluation & correct it when & where is needed. But unfortunately Since Mrs Indira Gandhi’s time intolerance became an essential part of ruling party except Vajpayee’s period. Opposition’s role is also many times based only on negative thoughts.

indira gandhi color Central Government In Dilemma

Recently, Arun Shourie termed NDA government as directionless. He was a most dynamic minister in the previous NDA government. His criticism of the present NDA government’s performance has been burning one. BJP, as expected attacked him as “fair weather friend”. But government requires to clarify some of the issues raised by Shourie else the political weather will indeed be darken for BJP as well as down the line in the states & grass root level.

Modi has been credited with many feathers in his cap so far having a dynamic foreign policy. India has brought back its diminished image in the dynamic foreign policy of PM. Modi has also achieved to convince investors as is evident from one report of TOI that India tops China in No. of ventures capital deal. The Make in India, Swachh Bharat, Jandhan Yojana are some of the examples. However, achievement with economic policy is not appreciable with mere small credit on its side.

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The inept manner in which Finance Minister dealt with issues like Minimum Alternate taxes & its inability to decisively deal with the legacy of retrospective taxation do not have clarity.  Similar is the decision to roll back budget provisions to create an independent agency to manage its debt proved that Finance Minister are not clear what needs to be done. Same is the case with the black money kept in foreign banks, relief to dying farmers, price rise etc.

The major problem is a lack of sufficient talent & expertise in the government & centralization of power in PMO, as reported more often, by media and government intolerance. Modi government seems is cultivating inept loyalists. Modi government should adopt habit of asking expert opinions.

Education department is good example of inefficiency. HRD minister has not emphasising the challenge the education system is facing neither any innovative idea generating instead involving herself in snatching the autonomy of reputed institutions.  This is the high time that Modi government should make honest performance appraisal & correct delivery system in next few years.

By: Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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