After the death of Rajkumar Justin, who will be the next target in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial

We didn’t expect that Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial will make us watch deaths of key members. However, to our surprise Rajkumar Justin, the fictional brother of Samrat Bindusar is no more in the serial. No, the death is not because he wanted to quit the show or wanted a leave, but because the script demanded it.

Justin Ashoka Serial Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat : Who Will Die Next after Justin?

Though such type of sudden death is rather rare in Indian TV serial, Justin’s death makes us wonder who all is next in the serial.

It All Started With Agnishika

Though we had seen sudden unexpected death of supporting actors like Ugrasen, and Chanakya’s guptchar Nirjhara, little did we expect that even the key characters would die in a similar situation. But, Agnishikha (Yashashri Masurkar) died unexpectedly in the fire and just when we thought Rajmata Helena would get away with the crime unharmed like previous episodes, in a strange twist, Justin (Sumit Kaul) took the entire blame on himself to save his mother. Then, all of a sudden he was even beheaded by his own mother Helena.

sumit kaul justin ashoka colors Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat : Who Will Die Next after Justin?

Now that Rajkumar Justin is dead – Who Will Be the Next?

The story has to move and like the way it is going on, we are sure the makers of the serial will not drag the serial for the sake of TRPs. Making it clear that as the TV serial moves ahead, there will be many deaths.

Helena Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat : Who Will Die Next after Justin?

Rajmata Helena and Selecus NIcator were the real game planners in the serial. It would be interesting to see how and when the father-daughter duo will get exposed? If yes, how will they die – Will it be a natural death or will it be something like Rajkumar Justin? The reason being, while Justin was a fictional character, both Helena and Selecus Nicator are historical characters. What’s more, they had good relations with Magadh unlike shown in the serial.

Will It Be Mir Khorasan?

The great Milan of Dharma and Bindusar is long pending, and if the two reunite the truth of Mir Khorasan sooner or later will come in front of Bindusar. Obviously, Mir will not be spared. However, Dharma can come to his rescue as she is a preacher of non-violence. But, what if Mir gets Dharma before she meets BIndusar? Will Mir get lucky this time or his near is soon too?

Rajkumar Sushim?

Well, as per the texts, Ashoka killed his brothers to become Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat post his father’s death. This makes it obvious that Rajkumar Sushim will surely die at the hands of Ashoka but before that Samrat Bindusar and Devi Dharma will die too. While, Bindusar died his own death, it is believed that Dev Dharma died protecting Ashoka’s first wife from Rajkumar’s Sushim’s goons.

sushim sumedh mudgalkar ashoka serial colors Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat : Who Will Die Next after Justin?

But before that there are many plots in the serial that needs to be disclosed – Rani Noor and Siamak’s truth, Helena and Nicator’s truth, Mir Khorasan’s reality, and then of course the real face behind – Maharani Charumitra, RAJKUMAR Sushim and the Mahamatya.

We just hope soon the truth gets revealed that Ashoka is none other than Samrat Bindusar’s own blood, and then it would be interesting to see who will behead whom for the Magadh throne…

Image Source: Colors TV

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