Know More about the Real Sushim in Colors’ TV Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial

Sushim Maurya is an antagonist in Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial. Selfish, cunning, egoistic and inconsiderate, he is the worst offspring of Samrat Bindusar. Unfortunately, he is the first born but none of his qualities make him a suitable heir to the Magadh throne.  While nobody likes Sushim on screen, he is one of the most sought after young actor cum dancer off screen.

sushim Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Know More about the Real Sushim

Let us know more about Sumedh Mudgalkar, the person behind the character Sushim

Sumedh Maudgalkar is an Actor Cum Dancer

With dancing as a passion, Pune based Sumedh decided to enter Dance Maharashtra Dance in 2012. The young lad was declared as a runner up. Next, he participated in Dance India Dance 2013. Not only did he impress the fans but also the judges. Interestingly, Sumedh is not a trained dancer yet he could dance effortlessly. In DID, Sumedh turned out to be one of the finalists and was declared as the third runner up.

sushim ashoka brother chakravartin ashoka samrat Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Know More about the Real Sushim

After his dance journey, Sumedh was approached with an acting offer. The role was that of Raghav in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance. Even though he was a debutant, Sumedh passed his acting test with flying colors.

He Was Roped in to Play Sushim in Ashoka’s Biopic

Though it was a golden opportunity to play Sushim in Ashoka serial, Sumedh had his own dilemmas. He once said,““Coming from a dancing background, facing the camera as a dancer and doing a historical is totally different. Being a Maharashtrian, the purani Hindi that we use is not too tough as it’s similar to Marathi in some way. Somewhere it matches. In my previous show I was this flirty guy who never fought with anyone but here I’m a royal and have to maintain a certain posture all the time, he has everything he wants like one would say a typical, bade baap ka beta. The character is very negative and initially I found it tough to give the right expressions but the team helped me.” (Source)

samrat ashok yuvraj sushim susima Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Know More about the Real Sushim

Currently He is Pursuing Engineering

Born in 1996 in Pune, 19 year old Sumedh is a student, and is pursuing his higher studies. He is currently pursuing engineering from MIT, Pune and is juggling between studying, dancing and acting these days. Among the Rajkumars in the TV serial, he is the eldest.

Sumedh Mudgalkar Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat: Know More about the Real Sushim

Sumedh Mudgalkar Hd Wallpapers

Sumedh Is Fondly Called as Beat King

While participating in Dance India Dance, the judges were so impressed by Sumedh that they said your name should have been beat king, ever since then he is called as Beat King. No wonder, he dances perfectly on beat and has won millions of hearts by his steps. What’s more, fans might hate Sushim but they appreciate Sumedh and are fond of him.

Initially, Sumedh thought the fans would start disliking for his portrayal as Sushim and so he would often tweet about his character. However, with time he realized that fans wouldn’t say negative about him due to his negative role.

With so many twist and turns we now wait eagerly to watch what Sushim aka Sumedh is upto in the serial

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