In the serial Ashoka on Colors TV, Chanakya has faked his death not once but twice – Did he fake his death in reality too?

In Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat serial not once but twice Acharya Chanakya faked his death. On both occasions assassins were sent to kill him. Though he rescued himself from the assassins somehow or the other he faked his death to get into the ground realities of his murderers and Magadh’s enemies.

He was Left to Drown In The First Attack

When he was attacked for the first time by enemies, he was left to drown. While, we all thought he died drowning, we realized later that Chanakya is not dead but he faked his death so that he would know who was the culprits. What’s more, he wanted to dodge the enemies of Magadh. With the help of his guptchars and most trusted people he could easily fake his death for a brief period of time.

chanakya amatya rakshasa rivalry Did Chanakya Fake His Death?

In the second Attack, He is Trying to Mislead His Assassin Yet Again

The vish kanya’s only motive is to kill Chanakya as she knows if she has to kill Samrat Bindusar, she’ll have to kill Chanakya first. She is successful in her attempt and Chanakya faces the consequences. However, his will power to control his body lets him fight against the venom so much that he is still alive though he fakes his death in front of Vish Kanya. He is successful in his attempt and knows the real person behind the motive (We hope he could hear that Rajmata was behind all this)

chanakya kautilya arthashastra colors Did Chanakya Fake His Death?

Chanakya is doing this to save Samrat Bindusar. His aim is to trick the vish kanya so that she is caught red handed and then trick her in such a way that she even reveals the truth in front of Samrat Bindusar. Though she has already stated ‘Rajmata’s name’ Acharya Chankya would want her to reveal in front of the Samrat.

This makes us wonder whether –

Acharya Chankya faked his Death in Real Too?

There are two theories of Acharya Chanakya. One, that he was killed by another Mahamatya who was jealous of him when he sat on a dung heap without drinking and eating. Two, that he died his own death.

However, with these mysteries in the serial we wonder if Acharya Chanakya too faked his death in reality so that his enemies would stop haunting him for a while since his enemies were not outsiders but within Magadh who sat in the same hall as that of Samrat BIndusar. Perhaps he could have done that. However, Chanakya feared no one so this assumption can be nothing else than imagination.

chanakya arthashastra spy system Did Chanakya Fake His Death?

No wonder, Acharya Chanakya was a great advisor and losing him could have been the greatest blow to Samrat Bindusar especially when he had ministers who gave him wrong information and misguided him in telling the real intentions of Chanakya who was not just the reason of his birth but also the reason behind his royalty.

Nobody could ever replace Chankya as he was that gem who could never be replaced. Samrat BIndusar learned it hard way However, he realized later that whatever the minister said was only to mislead him so that it spoils his and Acharya’s relations. But, by that time, Acharya was long gone.

Image Source: Colors TV

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