The judgement criteria for AAP’s success has to be changed. It is not the number of seats they win that matters, but the amount of change they can bring.

They say the media is the fourth pillar of the democratic system. Well, one thing is for sure, that media is making people judge a situation or an individual very quickly; they are in a hurry to judge. Media often shows the already processed information instead of putting raw information as it is in front of people and people form their opinions based on conjectures and already processed information or opinions made by others. It seems the biggest victim of  this is the emerging party, AAP.  Its important to think about the criteria of judgement people are holding this party to.

They came into existence to change this political system, to purify this maligned democracy. This is their basic agenda. Its not about how many seats they won in Delhi or how many seats they will win in Lok Sabha. Its about whether they have started to make an impact? People should not measure their success in the units of how many seats they win, but rather in how much impact are they making on Indian politics. They said they won’t follow VIP culture, and as we see other political parties are also talking about it, cause they have to! Vasundhara Raje said she wont use security! They don’t do communal politics, they talk about electricity, water, JanLokpal and soon Congress and BJP had to talk about these points instead of their usual communal agendas.

kejri roadmap to muslims conference Change the Glasses of Judgement you Wear

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Arvind Kejriwal addresses during a National Conference on `Roadmap for Indian Muslims` in New Delhi on March 18, 2014. (Photo: IANS)


These things actually made people aware of how they are misguided, and for the first time the people of Delhi actually talked about water and electricity. Purification has started in our political system, and credit goes to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal and other AAP members. Will AAP be successful? It’s a redundant question, they have already succeeded, winning the election and seats in just another part of their success. People need to change their criteria of judgement of the success. Its not about seats, its about impact, purification of politics, bringing to the same level that of 1947, when people thought of politics as a pure thing.

Still, a lot of people hate Kejriwal and AAP. When reformation starts , first people feel uncomfortable, they accuse you, they criticize you, then they become neutral and ignore you, and finally they accept the change and realize the truth. I think this is what is happening right now.  People are stuck with the old ways, they feel comfortable to walk the same, although maligned and muddy, rope; they are reluctant to change. We need a messiah at such times, to awaken them, make them aware of the injustice they are victims of, to digest their criticism, still going ahead and not giving up until they realize the truth. Change the glasses of judgement you wear and be a part of the change.

By Hrishikesh Pawale

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